Education and exams

The College aims to improve women's health care and the clinical practice of O&G both in the UK and across the world. Providing education, training, assessment and professional development is one of the main ways we work to achieve this aim.

This section of the website brings together everything you need to know about the College's specialty training and assessment programme.

Postgraduate training

The postgraduate training section of the site provides an introduction to the specialty training programme in O&G, including:


The curriculum section of the site provides detailed information about the O&G curriculum, including what you need to know and achieve for each module, any assessment forms and tools and frequently asked questions.

The curriculum is divided into the following sections:

This section of the site also provides details of the:


The examinations section of the site provides information about the College's membership exam (Part 1 MRCOG and Part 2 MRCOG) and diploma (DRCOG). Each section contains information about:

  • How to apply for the exam, including when and where the exam is being held
  • How to prepare for the exam, including exam format and sample questions
  • Exam results (also available in the boxes in the top right-hand corner of this page)

Find out more

For more information about the College's educational activities, please read our education, training and professional development brochure (PDF).

Contact details for the relevant member of RCOG staff are given on each page of the site. Alternatively, please see:

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