Advertising, sponsorship and exhibition opportunities

There are a wide variety of ways in which the RCOG can help you connect with our global network of 12,500 Fellows and Members and the wider O&G community.

We have a range of products and services that can help you to achieve commercial success and bring lasting relationships between the College, its Members and interested stakeholders. We provide the means to portray key messages to a focused, influential audience, leaving a strong and lasting impression of your brand and organisation.

Promotional opportunities at RCOG events

The College holds over 70 events each year covering a range of general and specialist topics within O&G. More than 5000 delegates and 1200 expert speakers attend our events each year. Our events attract a wide range of delegates, including trainees, midwives, senior consultants and other professionals working in women's health. Many of our delegates are leaders who are able to make purchasing decisions within trusts and hospitals.

Exhibiting at or sponsoring one of our events allows you to:

  • Source new business by demonstrating your products or services
  • Raise your profile with new audiences and strengthen your current partnerships
  • Connect with delegates who can bring you new business opportunities

We have a wide range of exhibition and sponsorship packages available. Find out more about promotional opportunities at RCOG events.

Advertise a course or meeting on the RCOG website

Advertising your course or meeting on the RCOG website offers an ideal opportunity to get your message across to the O&G profession worldwide. The website receives 3.2 million visits and 16.5 million page views per year. 50% of our visitors come from the UK, with the USA, India, Saudi Arabia and Australia completing the top 5 countries from which we receive visitors.

RCOG Fellows, Members and Trainees regularly access the site, as well as a range of other healthcare professionals and members of the public. Advertising your event or meeting in our events calendar is an excellent promotional opportunity.

Find out more about advertising on the RCOG website.

Advertise in TOG, our quarterly CPD journal

TOG (The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist) is the College's quarterly educational and continuing professional development journal. Available in print and online, TOG is a fantastic way to reach RCOG Fellows, Members and Trainees worldwide.

Find out more about advertising in TOG.

Advertise in BJOG, our monthly academic research journal

BJOG is the College's editorially independent, peer-reviewed journal which brings together the best original research in women's health from around the world. It ranks 7th in the world out of all O&G journals (2012 rating). Available in print and online, BJOG is accessible to all RCOG Fellows and Members as well as individual and institutional subscribers; the journal receives over 1 million article views per year and is available in over 7000 libraries worldwide. Advertising in BJOG is an ideal way to promote your brand or product to the O&G research community as well as the RCOG membership.

Find out more about advertising in BJOG.

Advertise in The Scanner, our monthly e-newsletter

The Scanner is the College's monthly e-news bulletin, which we send to over 11,500 Fellows, Members and Trainees. Advertising in The Scanner is a great way to reach all of the RCOG's global membership.

Find out more about advertising in The Scanner.

You can also use The Scanner to distribute requests for surveys. Find out more about our criteria for distributing non-RCOG surveys.

Advertise in O&G, our triannual membership magazine

O&G is the College's membership magazine – new for 2014! We send the magazine in print to approximately 14,000 active and retired RCOG Fellows, Members and Trainees. Advertising in O&G is a great way to reach all of the RCOG's global membership.

Email us for information about advertising in O&G, or call +44 20 7772 6202.

Add a loose insert to mail-outs of our membership magazine

You can include a loose insert (up to 25g) in the mailing of our membership magazine, subject to RCOG approval.

Find out more about loose inserts.

Policy on acceptance of advertising and sponsorship

Read our policy on acceptance of advertising and sponsorship.

Contact us

Contact details depend on the area of activity you're interested in – visit the relevant page using the links above to find contact information, or see the full list of contacts at the RCOG.

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