Malaria in pregnancy prevention (Green-top 54A)

The aim of this guideline is to provide clinicians with evidenced based, up-to-date information about the prevention of malaria in pregnancy in situations that are likely to be encountered in UK medical facilities (that is, UK-based residents visiting malaria endemic areas). These guidelines are not necessarily appropriate for those residing in endemic areas. This guideline covers malaria prevention travel recommendations in:

  • women planning a pregnancy
  • those already pregnant or breast feeding.

Drug recommendations for malaria prophylaxis can change, owing to resistance, and up-to-date information on drugs can be obtained using online resources as described in this guideline.

This guideline is can be downloaded as a pdf using the link below:

The revision for this Guideline will not begin until mid-end 2015.

Further information

You may also be interested in Green-top 54B - Malaria in pregnancy diagnosis & treatment.

Date published: 28/04/2010

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