Authors and credits


Charlotte Sullivan – Dr Sullivan is a Specialist Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the Severn Deanery. The EaSI eLearning programme was developed during her time as a Clinical Research Fellow at St Michael's Hospital, Bristol. Her clinical interest is labour ward management, particularly maternal critical care, and education and training.


Bryony Strachan, Karen Brackley, Alison Gale and Yulia Gurtovaya.


Dr Sullivan would like to thank Rachna Bahl and Bryony Strachan for their support throughout the project and for developing some of the background research and videos upon which the EaSI eLearning package is based.

Dr Sullivan would also like to thank Dominic Alder and Dr Jane Williams from the Department of Medical Education, University of Bristol, for their help when she was writing the original EaSI eLearning programme.

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