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RCOG statement: Lancet study examining the effect of maternal exposure to air pollution on birth weight


A study published today in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, examines the effect of maternal exposure to low concentrations of ambient air pollution on birth weight, as ambient air pollution has previously been associated with restricted fetal growth.

RCOG release: Medical workforce census published


The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) publishes its most recent medical workforce census results today. The census examines data provided by College tutors, who co-ordinate training and education within trusts, at hospital units across the UK in 2012/13.

RCOG release: Audit into HMB finds that majority of women are satisfied with their treatment in secondary care


The majority of women are satisfied with the care they receive in outpatient clinics for heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) finds the third annual report of the National HMB Audit, published today. However, the report identified younger women and women of non-white ethnicity as needing more information and better quality of care.

RCOG statement on Future Hospital Commission report


The Future Hospital Commission, established by the Royal College of Physicians in March 2012, have published the report Future hospital: caring for medical patients.

RCOG statement on the Cochrane review into midwifery-led care


An updated review, published today in The Cochrane Library, suggests that maternity care that involves a midwife as the main care provider leads to less interventions for most women.

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