RCOG Statement on the Health Select Committee review

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) welcomes the Health Select Committee’s report published on Tuesday (24 January 2012) on the review of public expenditure in health and social care.

Clearly, there are outstanding issues regarding the implementation of the reform programme coinciding with the £20bn cost savings on the NHS over the next three years, as identified by the Committee.  

The RCOG welcomed the removal of bureaucracy in the original NHS White Paper but concerns have surfaced, one of which is the cost efficiencies that trusts are currently making.  Some of these are needed, others need re-examination.  For instance, administrative support to doctors may be considered an expendable service but these roles are crucial to the smooth delivery of supplementary services to patients. 

The RCOG agrees with the Committee’s view that some short-term cuts, in some cases, are impacting on the service and there is a need to work imaginatively so the NHS remains effective.  The provision of good quality care should not be compromised by these cost efficiencies. Further thought is needed.

Dr Tony Falconer, RCOG President said, “Tough decisions need to be made about how we deploy a limited budget.  Inevitably some services will have to be reorganised and this is the real challenge – to convince the public that these changes are needed. Amidst all the emotion and uncertainty, we must ensure that the essential services are maintained and not restricted. 

“The RCOG’s High Quality Women’s Health Care report published last year made such a case for reinvestment and we once again highlight our recommendations to the Department of Health and NHS.”

27 January 2012

To view the Health Select Committee report, click here.

To view High Quality Women’s Health Care, click here.

Date published: 31/01/2012
Published by: Anonymous

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