International Fundraising Sub-Group

Meeting Dates


The RCOG is in the process of developing its long term strategy and current Committee structure and it has therefore been decided to disband this group.



  • To develop, coordinate and promote a fundraising strategy
  • To consider income generation initiatives to ensure there are sufficient funds available to sustain the agenda of work
  • To liaise with the Management Committee (RCOG/LSTM) to ensure adequate familiarisation with their strategy and workplan.
  • To ensure the RCOG’s policy on acceptance of sponsorship is adhered to
  • To report to the International Board
  • To meet quarterly



Joan Hayman
Tel: +44 (0)20 7772 6285


Dr Ali Kubba, FRCOG  - Chair


Professor Jim Dornan, FRCOG
Mr Mark Bassett
Mr Mark Somers
Professor J Walker (co-opted)

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