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Question: What is the mode of delivery of twin pregnancy when the leading twin is dead? Is there anything against vaginal delivery if there is not maternal or fetal compromise for the second non leading twin?

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Answer: Six small case series were identified, each including between 6 and 41 multiple pregnancies, mainly twins(1-6). The reported caesarean section rates varied between 16.7 and 93.3%

(Evidence level III)

The RCOG Study Group on Multiple Pregnancy (7) says that: "Vaginal delivery of the surviving co-twin is considered to be a reasonable option but, because of the high prevalence of vascular anastomosis in monochorionic twin placentas, many elect for caesarean delivery to avoid the potential risks of an acute TTTS" [twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome]

(Evidence level IV)


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III Evidence obtained from well-designed non-experimental descriptive studies, such as comparative studies, correlation studies and case studies.

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Date published: 16/06/2011

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