The use of progesterone to prevent preterm delivery

There have been a number of recent publications which suggest that administration of progesterone may1, 2 or may not3 reduce the risk of preterm delivery in women at high risk of preterm labour.  Consequently there is considerable debate as to whether progesterone should be administered in clinical practice to such women.  What constitutes “high risk” is uncertain, but may include previous preterm delivery and/or a short cervix4, 5
Although a reduction in preterm birth seems attractive, there is little evidence as yet for short term benefit to the baby, even if progesterone does prevent preterm delivery. Furthermore, there is no evidence of long term benefit for the baby. This may not just be “absence of evidence” as it is becoming increasingly recognised that a delay in delivery could have adverse effects if the fetus remains in an adverse intrauterine environment.  The RCOG therefore endorses current recommendations that, in women at high risk of preterm delivery, progesterone administration should be restricted to clinical trials to determine whether its use is associated with improved fetal, neonatal and/or infant outcome.


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