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Zoon's vulvitis - query bankSeptember 2009
Your baby's movements in pregnancy: information for youAugust 2012
Why your weight matters during pregnancy and after birth: information for youDecember 2011
When your waters break early: information for youMay 2012
When your baby dies before birth - information for youJuly 2012
Vulval varicosities post-pregnancy - query bankOctober 2010
Vulval Skin Disorders, Management (Green-top 58)February 2011
Vulval epithelioid sarcoma - query bank. May 2009May 2009
Vulval Carcinoma, Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management ofMay 2014
Voiding problems post-vaginal surgery - query bankFebruary 2014
Vitamin supplementation in pregnancy (Scientific Impact Paper 16)October 2009
Vitamin D in Pregnancy (Scientific Impact Paper 43)June 2014
Venous Thromboembolism and Hormone Replacement Therapy (Green-top 19)May 2011
Venous Thromboembolism and Hormonal Contraception (Green-top 40)September 2010
Vaginal Vault Prolapse (Green-top 46)October 2007
Vaginal Surgery for Prolapse (Consent Advice 5)October 2009
Vaginal delivery after manual rotation - query bankNovember 2012
Vaginal burning after intercourse - query bankAugust 2012
Vaginal atrophy after breast cancer - query bankJanuary 2012
Vaccination Against Cervical Cancer (SAC Opinion Paper 9)November 2009
Uterine septum resection - query bankFebruary 2014
Uterine Artery Embolisation in the Management of FibroidsDecember 2013
Urodynamic Stress Incontinence, Surgical Treatment (Green-top 35)October 2003
Urinary incontinence in elderly women - query bankDecember 2013
Understanding how risk is discussed in healthcare - Information for youFebruary 2010
Understanding Audit (Clinical Governance Advice 5)October 2003
Umbilical cord prolapse in late pregnancy - Information for youSeptember 2009
Umbilical Cord Prolapse (Green-top 50)April 2008
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking (SAC Opinion Paper 2)June 2006
Ultrasound ScreeningJuly 2000
Ultrasound investigation of menorrhagia - query bankNovember 2009
Twin pregnancy with molar pregnancy - query bankApril 2013
Turning a breech baby in the womb (external cephalic version) - information for youFebruary 2008
Turners syndrome and hypertrophic vagina - query bankMay 2009
Tubal Pregnancy, Management (Green-top 21)May 2004
Treatment of venous thrombosis in pregnancy and after birth - information for youSeptember 2008
Training and Maintenance of Skills for Professionals Responsible for Resuscitation of Babies at BirthMay 2006
Tomorrow’s SpecialistSeptember 2012
Thrombosis and Embolism During Pregnancy and the Puerperium, the Acute Management of (Green-top 37b) February 2007
Thrombosis and Embolism during Pregnancy and the Puerperium, Reducing the Risk (Green-top 37a)November 2009
Third- and Fourth-degree Perineal Tears, Management (Green-top 29)March 2007
The Use of Mesh in Gynaecological Surgery (Scientific Impact Paper 19)May 2010
The Use of Electronic Fetal MonitoringMay 2001
The Use of Adhesion Prevention Agents in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Scientific Impact Paper 39)June 2013
The Role of Regional College AdvisersMarch 2008
The Role of Emergency and Elective Interventional Radiology in Postpartum Haemorrhage (Good Practice No. 6)June 2007
The role of bariatric surgery in the management of female fertility (Scientific Impact Paper 17)March 2010
The Future Workforce in Obstetrics and GynaecologyJune 2009
The Future Role of the Consultant December 2005
The Future of RCOG Information SystemsFebruary 2007
The Future of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in ScotlandDecember 2005
The effects of cancer treatment on reproductive function. Guidance on managementNovember 2007
The College TutorNovember 2005
The Clinical Learning Environment and Recruitment - Report of a Joint Working PartyJanuary 2008
The Changing Role of the Gynaecologist in the Management of Women with Cancer (Scientific Impact Paper 10)November 2007
The Care of Women Requesting Induced Abortion November 2011
Thalassaemia in Pregnancy, Management of Beta (Green-top Guideline No.66)March 2014
Termination of Pregnancy for Fetal Abnormality in England, Scotland and WalesJune 2010
Term PROM and meconium-stained liquor - query bankFebruary 2014
Terbutaline for hyperstimulation in labour - query bankSeptember 2013
Teenage Pregnancy and Reproductive Health - study group statementJune 2007
Targeted therapies for the management of ovarian cancer (Scientific Impact Paper 12)September 2013
Tacrolimus for lichen sclerosus - query bankSeptember 2009
Syntocinon without ARM - query bankJune 2010
Syntocinon during labour and after delivery - query bankAugust 2013
Syntocinon and the second stage of labour - query bankOctober 2013
Surgical Evacuation of the Uterus for Early Pregnancy Loss (Consent Advice 10)June 2010
Surgery for uterovaginal prolapse - Query bankJanuary 2013
Surgery for stress incontinence: information for youFebruary 2005
Structured TrainingDecember 2000
Sterilisation for women and men: what you need to knowJanuary 2004
Stem Cell Therapies in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Scientific Impact Paper 38)May 2013
Standards for Service Provision in Colposcopy Services August 2006
Standards for Maternity CareJune 2008
Standards for gynaecologyJune 2008
Special Skills Training in Obstetrics and GynaecologyJuly 2002
Small-for-Gestational-Age Fetus, Investigation and Management (Green-top 31) March 2013
Skin conditions of the vulva: information for youJanuary 2014
Single umbilical artery - query bankApril 2013
Sickle Cell Disease in Pregnancy, Management of (Green-top 61)August 2011
Sickle cell crisis in pregnancy - query bankFebruary 2012
Sick sinus syndrome and pregnancy - query bankOctober 2012
Shoulder dystocia - information for youMarch 2013
Shoulder dystocia (Green-top 42)March 2012
Sex Steroid Treatment for Pubertal Induction and Replacement in the Adolescent Girl (Scientific Impact Paper 40)August 2013
Severe Pre-Eclampsia/Eclampsia, Management (Green-top 10A)March 2006
Severe pre-eclampsia - query bankSeptember 2011
Sepsis in Pregnancy, Bacterial (Green-top 64a)April 2012
Sepsis following Pregnancy, Bacterial (Green-top 64b)April 2012
Safer Childbirth: Minimum Standards for the Organisation and Delivery of Care in LabourOctober 2007
Safe Maternity ServicesJune 2006
Ruptured membranes with previous caesarean - query bankJuly 2011
Ruptured membranes at term - query bankFebruary 2012
Risks of mifepristone - query bankNovember 2013
Risk of pre-term labour during appendectomy at 26 weeks - query bankMarch 2012
Ring pessary for prolapse and SUI - query bankApril 2011
Rhesus D Prophylaxis, The Use of Anti-D Immunoglobulin for (Green-top 22)April 2011
Revalidation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Criteria, Standards and EvidenceJanuary 2002
Revalidation - How do I know my doctor is up-to-date?August 2010
Responsibility of Consultant On-call (Good Practice No. 8)March 2009
Reproductive trends and assisted reproduction technologies (SAC Opinion Paper 11)June 2008
Reproductive Ageing (Scientific Impact Paper 24)January 2011
Reproductive AgeingJune 2009
Repair of Third- and Fourth-Degree Perineal Tears Following Childbirth (Consent Advice 9)June 2010
Renal Disease in PregnancyJune 2008
Registration of stillbirths and certification for pregnancy loss before 24 weeks of gestation (Good Practice No. 4)January 2005
Reducing the risk of venous thrombosis in pregnancy and after birth: information for youJune 2006
Reducing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV Infection in the United KingdomJuly 2006
Reduced Fetal Movements (Green-top 57)February 2011
Red Cell Antibodies during Pregnancy, The Management of Women with (GTG No.65)May 2014
Recurrent synechiae and infertility - query bankJune 2010
Recurrent Miscarriage, Investigation and Treatment of Couples (Green-top 17) May 2011
Recurrent miscarriage and bicornuate uterus - query bankApril 2010
Recurrent and late miscarriage - tests and treatment of couples: information for you May 2012
Recreational exercise and pregnancy - information for youSeptember 2006
Reconfiguration of women's services in the UK (Good Practice No.15)December 2013
Raised CA-125 levels - query bankMay 2010
Radiology before pregnancy confirmed - query bankMay 2012
Pyrexia in labour - query bankFebruary 2014
Providing equity of critical and maternity care for the critically ill pregnant or recently pregnant womanJuly 2011
Progress in Cervical Screening (Scientific Impact Paper 7)June 2010
Progestogens for antepartum haemorrhage - query bankJune 2012
Preterm PROM in a group B strep positive woman - query bankOctober 2013
Preterm Prelabour Rupture of Membranes (Green-top 44)October 2010
Preterm Labour, Tocolytic Drugs (Green-top 1B)February 2011
Preterm Labour, Antibiotics and Cerebral Palsy (Scientific Impact Paper 33)February 2013
Preterm footling breech delivery - query bankMarch 2011
Preterm Birth - study group statementJune 2004
Presenting Information on Risk (Clinical Governance Advice 7)December 2008
Prenatal diagnosis of ichthyosis - query bankDecember 2011
Premenstrual Syndrome, Management (Green-top 48) December 2007
Pregnant contacts of radiotherapy patients - query bankFebruary 2013
Pregnancy-induced hypertension - query bankSeptember 2012
Pregnancy of unknown location - query bankOctober 2012
Pregnancy in a woman on maintenance Warfarin for DVT - query bankSeptember 2011
Pregnancy after pelvic fracture - query bankJuly 2011
Pregnancy after leukaemia - query bankJune 2012
Preconception Vitamin D supplements - query bankJune 2010
Pre-eclampsia: what you need to knowAugust 2012
Pre-eclampsia - study group consensus statementSeptember 2003
Postpartum haemorrhage: ergometrine - query bankAugust 2013
Postpartum haemorrhage: chitosan gauze – query bank November 2013
Postpartum Haemorrhage, Prevention and Management (Green-top 52)May 2009
Postpartum haemorrhage - query bankMarch 2009
Postmenopausal thick endometrium - query bankJune 2012
Postmenopausal bleeding - query bankSeptember 2013
Postcoital bleeding - query bankFebruary 2014
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Long-Term Consequences (Green-top 33)December 2007
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): what it means for your long-term health - information for youOctober 2009
Pneumothorax or pneumomediastinum in labour or puerperium - query bankNovember 2012
Placental abruption - query bankNovember 2013
Placenta Praevia, Placenta Praevia Accreta and Vasa Praevia: Diagnosis and Management (Green-top 27)January 2011
Placenta accreta and methotrexate - query bankMay 2012
Pipelle and ultrasound - query bankJanuary 2012
Persistent post-coital bleeding - query bankJune 2011
Persistent bleeding and preterm labour - query bankMay 2011
Peritoneal inflammation and autoimmunity - query bankMarch 2009
Perinatal Risks Associated with IVF (Scientific Impact Paper No 8)June 2012
Perinatal Management of Pregnant Women at the Threshold of Infant Viability (The Obstetric Perspective) (SIP 41)February 2014
Periconceptional Folic Acid and Food Fortification in the Prevention of Neural Tube Defects (Scientific Impact Paper 4)April 2003
Pelvic organ prolapse - information for youMarch 2013
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (Green-top 32)November 2008
Pelvic drains in laparoscopic surgery - query bankMarch 2009
Patient-reported Outcome Measures in Gynaecology (Scientific Impact Paper 31)May 2012
Parvovirus in pregnancy January 2012
Parity and postpartum haemorrhage - query bankMay 2012
Pain in Obstetrics and Gynaecology - study group statementNovember 2001
Paediatric Pathology Services: the futureMarch 2002
Ovarian Masses in Premenopausal Women, Management of Suspected (Green-top 62)December 2011
Ovarian mass at caesarean section - query bankSeptember 2012
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: what you need to knowNovember 2007
Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, Management (Green-top 5)September 2006
Ovarian cysts in pregnancy - query bankJuly 2013
Ovarian Cysts in Postmenopausal Women (Green-top 34)October 2003
Ovarian cysts before the menopause - information for youJuly 2013
Ovarian cyst aspiration - query bankFebruary 2009
Ovarian Cancer, Optimum Surgery in Advanced-stage (Scientific Impact Paper 25)June 2011
Ovarian cancer screening – query bankMarch 2010
Out-of-hours cover for consultants who do not perform major gynaecological surgery (Safety Alert 1)August 2011
Osteoporosis and breast-feeding - query bankMay 2012
Oral versus intravenous delivery of Salbutamol for ECV - query bankDecember 2011
Operative Vaginal Delivery (Green-top 26)February 2011
Operative Vaginal Delivery (Consent Advice 11)July 2010
Oophorectomy for postmenopausal ovarian cyst - query bankJune 2013
Oophorectomy for endometriosis - query bankAugust 2010
Oligohydramnios and PPROM - query bankOctober 2013
Obtaining Valid Consent to Participate in Research While in Labour (Clinical Governance Advice 6a)August 2010
Obtaining Valid Consent for Complex Gynaecological Surgery (Clinical Governance Advice 6b)August 2010
Obtaining Valid Consent (Clinical Governance Advice 6)December 2008
Obstetric Impact of Treatment for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (Scientific Impact Paper 21)June 2010
Obstetric cholestasis - query bankDecember 2013
Obstetric Cholestasis - Information for youMay 2012
Obstetric Cholestasis (Green-top 43)May 2011
Obesity and Reproductive Health - study group statementJune 2007
Obesity and antenatal thromboprophylaxis - query bankMay 2012
Nutrition in Pregnancy (Scientific Impact Paper 18)May 2010
Novasure after TCRE - query bankMay 2013
Non-invasive Prenatal Testing for Chromosomal Abnormality using Maternal Plasma DNA (Scientific Impact Paper No. 15)March 2014
New Specialty Training and Education ProgrammeJune 2006
National Study of HIV in Pregnancy & ChildhoodMay 2005
Myomectomy during caesarean section - query bankMay 2009
Multiple Pregnancy Following Assisted Reproduction (Scientific Impact Paper 22)January 2011
Multiple Pregnancy - study group statementJune 2006
Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy, Management (Green-top 51)December 2008
Mobile phones and cardiotocography - query bankAugust 2013
Miscarriage follow-up - query bankJanuary 2014
Mirena and breast cancer - query bankNovember 2012
Mirena and Actinomyces - query bankJuly 2012
Minimum standards in respect of elective work performed during a consultant’s absence (Good Practice No. 3)September 2004
Mild endometriosis and IVF - query bankFebruary 2012
Mild dyskaryosis and normal colposcopy - query bankDecember 2009
Methotrexate effects on fetus - query bankMay 2013
Methadone and early delivery - query bankJune 2012
Metformin therapy for the management of infertility in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (Scientific Impact Paper 13)December 2008
Menstrual disorders and renal failure - query bankNovember 2010
Menopause and Hormone Replacement - study group statementDecember 2004
Medical Workforce and Service Delivery: A Blueprint For The Future December 2000
Medical management of miscarriage - query bankOctober 2010
Mediastinal cyst at prenatal ultrasound - query bankAugust 2013
Maternity Services: Future of Small Units May 2008
Maternity Dashboard: Clinical Performance and Governance Score Card (Good Practice No. 7)January 2008
Maternal Morbidity and Mortality - study group statementNovember 2002
Maternal Collapse in Pregnancy and the Puerperium (Green-top 56)February 2011
Manual rotation - query bankNovember 2012
Managing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Information for youSeptember 2009
Management of women with obesity in pregnancyMarch 2010
Management of Women with Mental Health Issues during Pregnancy and the Postnatal Period (Good Practice No. 14) June 2011
Management of Vulval CancerFebruary 2006
Management of unscheduled bleeding in women using hormonal contraceptionOctober 2009
Management of early breakdown of episiotomy or tear repairs - query bankJuly 2011
Male and Female SterilisationJanuary 2004
Malaria in pregnancy prevention (Green-top 54A)April 2010
Malaria in pregnancy diagnosis & treatment (Green-top 54B)April 2010
Making normal birth a realityNovember 2007
Maintaining Good Medical PracticeFebruary 1999
Magnesium Sulphate to Prevent Cerebral Palsy following Preterm Birth (Scientific Impact Paper 29)September 2011
Magnesium sulphate for eclampsia prophylaxis - query bankDecember 2013
Magnesium sulphate and nifedipine - query bankDecember 2013
Lymphangioma and progesterone contraception - query bankFebruary 2012
Lower Genital Tract Neoplasia - study group statementJune 2003
Long-term pelvic pain: information for you December 2005
Long-term HRT - query bankSeptember 2013
Long term zoladex for endometriosis - query bankNovember 2012
Logbooks: review reportJanuary 2002
LLETZ vs cold coagulation - query bankSeptember 2013
LLETZ and preterm delivery - query bankOctober 2013
Life Course Approach to Women’s Health Care, Why Should we Consider a (Scientific Impact Paper 27)October 2011
Lichen sclerosus - query bankMarch 2009
Law and Ethics in Relation to Court-Authorised Obstetric Intervention September 2006
Late Intrauterine Fetal Death and Stillbirth (Green-top 55)November 2010
Laparoscopy - optical trocar - query bankMay 2012
Laparoscopic Tubal Occlusion (Consent Advice 3)October 2004
Laparoscopic myomectomy using a morcellator - query bankMarch 2009
Laparoscopic Management of Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy (Consent Advice 8)June 2010
Laparoscopic Injuries (Green-top 49)May 2008
Laparoscopic diagnosis of endometriosis - query bankApril 2009
Lamotrigine and Implanon - query bankApril 2010
Labour Ward Solutions (Good Practice No. 10)January 2010
Labour induction with caesarean scar - query bankMarch 2013
Labour induction after IVF - query bankMay 2013
Kleihauer test in antepartum haemorrhage - query bankJune 2011
Keeping newborn babies with a family history of MCADD safe in the first hours and days of life (Safety Alert 2)November 2011
IUS long-term retention - query bankJuly 2013
IUD removal in pregnancy - query bankFebruary 2012
Invited Review PolicyJanuary 2014
Invasive uterine procedures in early pregnancy - query bankNovember 2012
Intrauterine Infection and Perinatal Brain Injury (SAC Opinion Paper 3)October 2007
Intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis for GBS in a prior pregnancy - query bankSeptember 2010
Inguinal hernia in pregnancy - query bankMay 2013
Information for you after an endometrial ablationJuly 2010
Information for you after an abdominal hysterectomyJuly 2010
Information for you after a vaginal hysterectomyJuly 2010
Information for you after a pelvic-floor repair operationJuly 2010
Information for you after a mid-urethral sling operation for stress urinary incontinenceJuly 2010
Information for you after a laparoscopyJuly 2010
Information for you after a laparoscopic hysterectomyJuly 2010
Information about recovering from surgical management of a miscarriageJuly 2010
Infection and Pregnancy - study group statementJune 2001
Induction with Group B Streptococcus - query bankSeptember 2013
Induction of labour for macrosomia - query bankJanuary 2014
Induction of Labour at Term in Older Mothers (Scientific Impact Paper 34)February 2013
Induction of labour - Information for people who use NHS servicesJuly 2008
Induction of labourJuly 2008
Increasing uptake of LARC - query bankOctober 2013
Incontinence in Women - study group statementJune 2002
Improving Recruitment to Obstetrics and GynaecologyDecember 2006
Improving Patient Safety: Risk Management for Maternity and Gynaecology (Clinical Governance Advice 2)September 2009
Improving patient handover (Good Practice No 12)December 2010
Implantation and Early Development - study group statement June 2005
Immunological Testing and Interventions for Reproductive Failure (Scientific Impact Paper 5)June 2008
Immersion in Water During Labour and Birth (RCOG/Royal College of Midwives Joint Statement No. 1)April 2006
Hysteroscopy, Best Practice in Outpatient (Green-top 59)April 2011
Hysterectomy and oophorectomy in women at high risk of ovarian cancer - query bankApril 2013
Hymenoplasty and Labial Surgery (RCOG Statement 6)August 2009
Hymen reconstruction - query bankApril 2009
HRT in premature menopause - query bankMarch 2011
HRT for premature ovarian failure - query bankAugust 2011
HRT after ovarian cancer - query bankAugust 2010
HRT after endometrial cancer - query bankNovember 2011
Hospital Episode Statistics as a source of information on safety and quality in gynaecology to support revalidationMay 2012
Hormones in immunosuppressed women - query bankApril 2011
Home BirthsApril 2007
HIV in Pregnancy, Management (Green-top 39)June 2010
HIV and pregnancy: information for youJanuary 2014
Histology after miscarriage - query bankOctober 2013
High Quality Women’s Health CareJuly 2011
Hepatitis B in pregnancy - query bankJanuary 2012
Hepatitis B in labour - query bankDecember 2011
Heparin at caesarean section - query bankDecember 2011
Heavy bleeding with depo-provera - query bankJune 2011
Heavy bleeding after birth (postpartum haemorrhage) - information for you July 2013
Heart Disease and Pregnancy - study group statementJune 2006
HbA1c monitoring in gestational diabetes - query bankSeptember 2012
Hand, foot and mouth disease in pregnancy - query bankFebruary 2012
Gynaecology: emergency services standards of practice and service organisation (Good Practice No. 9)June 2009
Gynaecological Examinations: Guidelines for Specialist Practice July 2002
Gynaecological examination table - query bankApril 2011
Growth restricted monochorionic twins - query bankDecember 2012
Group B streptococcus (GBS) infection in newborn babies - information for youJuly 2013
Group B Streptococcal Disease, Early Onset (Green-top 36)July 2012
Group B strep and water birth - query bankNovember 2011
Granulosa cell tumour - query bankDecember 2010
Glanzmann's syndrome and menorrhagia - query bankMay 2012
Getting a Life: Work-Life Balance in Obstetrics and GynaecologyJune 2011
Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD) - Information for youDecember 2011
Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (Green-top 38)March 2010
Gestational diabetes - information for youMarch 2013
Gestational age and CTG - query bankJune 2010
Genital herpes in pregnancy: information for youFebruary 2009
Genital Herpes in Pregnancy, Management (Green-top 30)September 2007
Gender re-assignment - query bankJune 2013
Further Training for Doctors in Difficulty: discussion documentApril 2002
Further Issues Relating to Late Abortion, Fetal Viability and Registration of Births and DeathsApril 2001
Foods causing cystitis - query bankNovember 2011
Fetal fibronectin testing - query bankSeptember 2010
Fetal fibronectin test values - query bankJanuary 2014
Fetal fibronectin or actim partus testing - query bankOctober 2012
Fetal fibronectin and cervical length - query bankJanuary 2014
Fetal blood sampling in VBAC - query bankMarch 2013
Fetal blood sampling in labour - query bankMarch 2011
Fetal blood sampling and chorioamnionitis - query bankApril 2012
Fetal blood lactate versus pH to detect fetal distress - query bankMarch 2012
Fetal Awareness - Review of Research and Recommendations for PracticeJune 2010
Fetal and Perinatal PathologyJune 2001
Fetal and Maternal Risks of Diethylstilboestrol Exposure in Pregnancy (RCOG Statement 2)April 2002
Fertility: assessment and treatment for people with fertility problemsFebruary 2004
Fertility Sparing Treatments in Gynaecological Cancers (Scientific Impact Paper 35)February 2013
Fertility preservation before chemotherapy - query bank. June 2009June 2009
Female Genital Mutilation Management (Green-top 53)May 2009
Female Genital Mutilation (RCOG Statement 3)May 2003
Fallopian tube removal at hysterectomy - query bankJune 2013
Extrauterine Lippes loop - query bankJune 2010
External Cephalic Version (ECV) and Reducing the Incidence of Breech Presentation (Green-top 20a)December 2006
Exercise in Pregnancy (RCOG Statement 4)January 2006
Evidence Can Influence Clinical Practice, How (Scientific Impact Paper 28)September 2011
Evaluating New Screening Methodologies (Scientific Impact Paper 20)May 2010
Episiotomy - query bankMarch 2012
Enhanced recovery programmes - query bankJanuary 2012
Enhanced Recovery in Gynaecology (Scientific Impact Paper 36)February 2013
Endometriosis: what you need to know November 2007
Endometriosis, Investigation and Management (Green-top 24)October 2006
Endometrial polyps - query bankMarch 2013
Endometrial hyperplasia medical treatment - query bankAugust 2011
Endometrial hyperplasia follow-up - query bankDecember 2013
Endometrial Cancer in Obese Women (Scientific Impact Paper No 32)June 2012
Endometrial cancer follow-up - query bankJanuary 2010
Endometrial cancer and tamoxifen - query bankFebruary 2009
Endometrial biopsy for perimenopausal bleeding - query bankJune 2012
Endometrial ablation in older women - query bankAugust 2012
Endometrial ablation contra-indications - query bankSeptember 2012
Electric shock in pregnancy - query bankApril 2012
Ectopic pregnancy - Information for youAugust 2010
Early Pregnancy Loss, Management (Green-top 25)October 2006
Early miscarriage: Information for youJanuary 2008
E coli in pregnancy - query bankNovember 2013
Dysmenorrhoea after endometrial ablation - query bankMarch 2009
Dose of prophylactic postnatal syntocinon in women with raised BMI - query bankJanuary 2012
Donor IVF, pre-eclampsia and age - query bankJanuary 2014
Disposal following pregnancy loss before 24 weeks of gestation (Good Practice No. 5)January 2005
Diagnostic Laparoscopy (Consent Advice 2)December 2008
Diagnostic Hysteroscopy Under General Anaesthesia (Consent Advice 1)December 2008
Diagnosis of miscarriage - query bankMay 2013
Diagnosis and Treatment of Gestational Diabetes (Scientific Impact Paper 23)January 2011
Development of RCOG Green-Top Guidelines:Consensus Methods For Adaptation Of RCOG Guidelines (Clinical Governance Advice 1d)March 2010
Development of RCOG Green-top Guidelines: Producing a Scope (Clinical Governance Advice 1b)November 2006
Development of RCOG Green-top Guidelines: Producing a Clinical Practice Guideline (Clinical Governance Advice 1c)November 2006
Development of RCOG Green-top Guidelines: Policies and Processes (Clinical Governance Advice 1a)November 2006
Delivery of IUGR fetus - query bank. June 2009June 2009
Delivery of acardiac twins - query bankOctober 2013
Delivery in women with mitral stenosis - query bankOctober 2012
Delivery in women with BMI over 55 - query bankOctober 2011
Delivery in uncorrected coarctation of aorta - query bankMay 2010
Delivery after intrauterine death of one twin - query bankJune 2011
Delayed cord clamping and acid-base assessment - query bankApril 2011
Debriefing after adverse obstetric outcome - query bankSeptember 2011
Death of a co-twin - query bankFebruary 2011
Corticosteroids in pregnancy to reduce complications from being born prematurely - information for youMarch 2012
Cord blood banking: information for parents August 2006
Contraception and Contraceptive Use - study group statementJune 2005
Consultant-led Early Pregnancy Units - query bankDecember 2012
Conservative management of pre-eclampsia - query bankFebruary 2013
Confidentiality and Disclosure of Health Information: RCOG Ethics Committee comments on a BMA documentOctober 2000
Colpocleisis - query bankJune 2013
COC at age 11 - query bankMay 2010
Clinical Governance - Working party reportApril 1999
Cleansing at perineal repair - query bankJanuary 2012
Classification of urgency of caesarean section – a continuum of risk (Good Practice No. 11)April 2010
Clamping of the umbilical cord and placental transfusion (Scientific Impact Paper 14)June 2009
Chronic Pelvic Pain, Initial Management (Green-top 41)May 2012
Childrens and Maternity Services in 2009: Working Time SolutionsJuly 2008
Childbirth aged 35 and over - query bankFebruary 2009
Chickenpox in pregnancy: what you need to know November 2008
Chickenpox in Pregnancy (Green-top 13)September 2007
Chemical Exposures During Pregnancy (Scientific Impact Paper 37)June 2013
Cervical smears and pregnancy: information for you (revised)January 2014
Cervical polyp removal - query bankFebruary 2013
Cervical cerclage - query bankFebruary 2012
Cervical Cerclage (Green-top 60)May 2011
Cerebral aneurysm and vaginal delivery - query bankFebruary 2013
Care Bundles- Safer Practice in Intrapartum Care ProjectJuly 2010
Cardiotocography doubling - query bankApril 2013
Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy (Good Practice No. 13)June 2011
Cancer and Reproductive Health - Consensus views arising from the 55th Study GroupJune 2008
Calcified placenta - query bankNovember 2012
Caesarean section: single layer closure - query bankNovember 2013
Caesarean section on maternal request - query bankNovember 2013
Caesarean section for second twin - query bankMay 2013
Caesarean Section for Placenta Praevia (Consent Advice 12)January 2011
Caesarean section for nuchal cord - query bank. May 2009June 2009
Caesarean section after anal atresia - query bankMarch 2009
Caesarean section - uterine incision to delivery time - query bankSeptember 2011
Caesarean Section (Consent Advice 7)October 2009
Caesarean SectionApril 2004
Brow presentation - query bankFebruary 2013
Bridging the Gap Between Assessment and AppraisalDecember 2006
Breech Presentation, Management (Green-top 20b)December 2006
Breech delivery, IUFD and prior caesarean - query bankSeptember 2011
Breast Cancer, Pregnancy and (Green-top 12)April 2011
Breast cancer and oophorectomy - query bankJune 2013
Botulinum Toxin for an Overactive Bladder Scientific Impact Paper No. 42February 2014
Blood Transfusions in Obstetrics (Green-top 47)December 2007
Blood transfusion, pregnancy and birth - information for youFebruary 2009
Blood pressure and syntocinon induction - query bankMarch 2012
Bleeding and pain in early pregnancy - Information for youJanuary 2008
Birth After Previous Caesarean Birth (Green-top 45)February 2007
Birth after previous caesarean - information for youSeptember 2008
Aspirin after low birthweight - query bankDecember 2010
Artificial rupture of membranes and placental abruption - query bankJanuary 2013
Antithrombotics in the Prevention of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, The Use of (Scientific Impact Paper 26)June 2011
Antinuclear antibodies and recurrent miscarriage - query bankSeptember 2013
Antibiotics for retained products of conception - query bankJanuary 2014
Anti-D in women with BMI of 30 and over - query bankJanuary 2014
Anti-D after miscarriage - query bankOctober 2013
Antepartum Haemorrhage (Green-top 63)December 2011
Antenatal Corticosteroids to Reduce Neonatal Morbidity (Green-top 7)October 2010
Antenatal Care: routine care for the healthy pregnant womanOctober 2003
Antenatal appointments - query bankAugust 2013
An assisted vaginal birth (ventouse or forceps) - information for youMay 2012
Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling: information for youSeptember 2011
Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling (Green-top 8)June 2010
Amniocentesis (Consent Advice 6)May 2006
Alternatives to HRT for the Management of Symptoms of the Menopause (Scientific Impact Paper 6)September 2010
Alternatives to HRT for symptoms of the menopause: information for youNovember 2011
Alcohol Consumption and the Outcomes of Pregnancy (RCOG Statement 5)March 2006
Alcohol and pregnancy - information for youNovember 2006
Airport full body scanners and pregnancy - query bankFebruary 2010
Air Travel and Pregnancy - Information for youJanuary 2011
Air Travel and Pregnancy (Scientific Impact Paper 1)May 2013
Advice on returning to clinical practice after a period of absence (Good Practice No 1)May 2010
Adolescent endometriosis - query bankFebruary 2010
Adnexal mass in pregnancy - query bankSeptember 2011
Adenomyosis - query bankOctober 2010
Adenoma malignum of the cervix prognosis - query bank. June 2009June 2009
Adenocarcinoma in situ follow-up - query bankApril 2010
Acute pelvic inflammatory disease (PID): tests and treatment - information for youAugust 2010
Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain (Scientific Impact Paper 30)March 2012
Active labour management - query bankMay 2011
Absent end-diastolic flow on Doppler - query bankJune 2013
About RCOG guidelines and parallel information for the publicDecember 2005
Abortion in a woman with pulmonary hypertension - query bank. July 2009August 2009
Abortion Care Study Day, 28 April 2008 - Consensus Statement April 2008
Abortion care - information for youMarch 2012
Abortion after endometrial ablation - query bankApril 2011
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