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Education Resources Adviser

The Education Resources Adviser has overall clinical responsibility for the development and coordination of high-quality education resources for both pre- and post-CCT training and clinical quality in line with the College’s strategic and operational objectives. 

This appointment is for a three-year term beginning in July 2024 and will be appointed by interview.

UK Fellows and Members who are a substantive consultant in obstetrics and/or gynaecology in UK NHS practice are eligible to apply for this position. 

Please see the role description, person specifications and other information at the bottom of the page.

How to apply

To apply, please complete the form via the button below. Once completed, you will be asked to share a CV with us via email to  


Should you have any additional enquiries please email  

Application deadline: Thursday 13 June 2024

Interview date: Thursday 27 June 2024 (am) 

What our volunteers say

Role description

Education Resources Adviser

Education Board

Three years – from July 2024

The RCOG Education Innovation Department leads on the coordination and development of eResources (RCOG eLearning, Training ePortfolio, CPD ePortfolio) to support the delivery of the RCOG’s Education Strategy. 

The Education Resources Adviser has overall clinical responsibility for the development and coordination of high-quality education resources for both pre- and post-CCT training and clinical quality in line with the College’s strategic and operational objectives.

To contribute to the strategic development and oversee the quality assurance process of education resources (RCOG eLearning, CPD and Training ePortfolios, website resources) across the Education Department including:

  • Advising on and overseeing the general development of eLearning projects within the College, contributing to the development of a sustainable long-term eLearning and quality assurance strategy
  • Supporting the work of Clinical Leads for education resource projects
  • Providing clinical input and support to the Education Innovation team
  • Chairing the RCOG Learning Steering Group which helps shape the strategic direction of eLearning provision at the College
  • Contributing to the product approval process for new education resources
  • Being an advocate for education resources and representing the College on appropriate committees
  • Being a member of the Education Quality Assurance Committee
  • Attending Education Board meetings
  • Attending Core Curriculum Committee meetings
  • Attending RCOG eLearning Core Knowledge Editorial Board meetings
  • Education Innovation team, RCOG
  • Clinical Leads for education resources
  • Director of Education, RCOG
  • Chairs of RCOG eLearning Core Knowledge Editorial Board (Gynaecology and Obstetrics)
  • The nature of the role means that the Education Resources Adviser will be required to handle a fluctuating workload. It is up to the candidate to discuss and agree this with their NHS employer.
  • It will be a requirement of the role to attend remotely the following meetings at the RCOG:
    • Education Board (meets four times a year)
    • Education Quality Assurance Committee (meets three times a year)
    • Curriculum committee (meets four times a year)
    • RCOG Learning steering group meetings (meets four times a year)
  • The Education Resources Adviser will be required to attend other meetings with the Education Innovation team that are relevant to this role, e.g. meetings to set the priorities of the Education Innovation team or product evaluations. These meetings are usually held remotely.

This role reflects the present requirements of the post. As duties and responsibilities change and develop the role description will be reviewed and be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder. 

The role description will be re-evaluated at the end of the term.

Person specification


  • Knowledge of the RCOG’s education activities and the development of electronic learning resources
  • The ability to lead and advise teams on the development of new education resources
  • Knowledge of educational theory and good practice underpinning the construction of training programmes and educational curricula, with particular emphasis on eLearning
  • A strong enthusiasm for learning technology innovation
  • A good knowledge of issues relating to quality assuring educational resources, publication ethics and scientific misconduct such as authorship and copyright
  • Active involvement in training and education – for example, as a Head of School, College Tutor, Foundation Programme Director, Unit Training Director, etc.


  • An understanding of instructional design practice related to online learning
  • A qualification in education


  • Excellent knowledge of RCOG core educational products, e.g. curricula or examinations or eLearning
  • Awareness of current educational developments both in O&G and in postgraduate medical education more generally


  • Knowledge of eLearning and online publishing
  • Knowledge and experience of postgraduate medical education
  • Good understanding of the principles of quality assurance and governance
  • Prior experience of a significant leadership role
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • An enthusiasm for the development of education resources

CPD information

The 2019 RCOG CPD Guide can be found here.

Committee Chair/Member/Course Convenors and Organisers

If within your committee role or work as course convenor or organiser you gain knowledge which enhances patient care or leadership and technical skills (including for example, giving presentations, teaching sessions or mock examining) credits can be claimed as an ‘Experiential Learning Event’.

Reflection is required to claim credits for an Experiential Learning Event. 2 CPD credits are claimable following reflection. In addition 1 or 2 credits are claimable for an action following the learning (1 credit for a simple action, 2 credits for a complex action). To claim credits for an action, the individual needs to demonstrate how they have applied their learning to their practice, the service they provide and/or the potential impact of the learning.

If you are still using the previous CPD ePortfolio, you can record any new learning that you gain within this role under ‘Reflective Learning’ in the personal/professional CPD category. For some specific activities, credits can be claimed without reflection*.


1 credit per hour in the national/international category for giving teaching sessions or leading a workshop on a course

5 credits in the national/international category for giving a formal presentation on a course

1 credit per hour in the national/international category for mock examining

A maximum of 25 credits in each five-year cycle applies for all presentations/teachings sessions given at national/international courses or conferences, and for formal and mock examining.

Why get involved with our work

Volunteering with the RCOG is a rich and rewarding experience which offers a range of professional and personal benefits:

  • Professional recognition
  • Build networks and friendships
  • Career development
  • Make meaningful change
  • Wellbeing