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COVID-19 Updates

MTI 2022 update

Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on UK training and resultant reduction in the demand for MTI trainees in the current climate, we regret to announce the College will not be going ahead with an applications intake from prospective candidates for the RCOG MTI Scheme in 2022.

Read the full statement and FAQs

MTI Placements: Academy Statement March 2021

In light of the current training pressures impacting UK trainees, the NHS and Statutory Education Bodies (SEBs), the English Deans have issued a short statement on MTI placements:

“English Deans fully support and value the MTI programme and will continue to make decisions on placements based on the published principles and national standards (AoMRC MTI Standards 2018)

"This includes ensuring that UK trainees/trainees on HEE programmes will not be disadvantaged.

"In continuing this approach, Deans, together with all stakeholders and applicants, are mindful of the current additional curriculum pressures for UK trainees as a result of the pandemic. It is hoped that any impact on incoming MTI trainees affecting some specific specialities in specific geographical areas will be temporary.

"The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has made a statement on how best to manage the current temporary situation.”

This is linked to a fuller statement (2 March 2021) from the AoMRC (PDF) which sets out the process for approval of MTI posts. The AoMRC anticipate a return to normal sign off for applications submitted in a timely manner as the Covid-19 situation eases in the coming months. If you have any queries, please contact the RCOG MTI Office at .


Joint statement on MTI: April 2020

The AoMRC, HEE, and NHS Employers have issued a joint statement (PDF 149kb) on the Medical Training Initiative scheme and Coronavirus. This statement includes details on entry to the UK, certificates of sponsorship, visas, and support for MTI doctors in the workplace.

The AoMRC have advised that Royal Colleges may continue with recruitment into their MTI schemes, subject to a number of conditions which must be assured by the Trust offering the placement. This is to guarantee appropriate training and support for MTI doctors in the workplace within their specialty.


Visas – Information from UKVI

The UKVI has published information on visas on GOV.UK due to the COVID-19.

For any immigration-related queries, please contact the Coronavirus Immigration Team.

On Tuesday 24 March, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) published guidance on GOV.UK on immigration provisions for individuals affected by travel restrictions associated with coronavirus (COVID-19). These changes are now in effect and full details are available at If you have any queries, please contact .


Update: Thursday 5 May 2020

In light of the joint statement received from the Academy, HEE and NHS Employers around the MTI Scheme and COVID-19, the RCOG is pleased to recommence placements under the RCOG MTI Scheme.

The Academy have advised we may continue with recruitment into the MTI Scheme subject to a number of conditions which must be assured by the Trust offering the placement. This is to guarantee appropriate training, education and support for MTI Doctors in the workplace within their specialty. We will not place MTI candidates within a Trust that is not able to provide us with these assurances.



Is there a blanket ban on MTI?

No; there is no blanket ban on the approval of MTI placement posts. In cases where there is not a shortage of posts for UK trainees who are unable to progress their training, the MTI scheme will continue as normal.

How will decisions be made?

MTI placements will be evaluated individually on a case-by case basis allowing some flexibility of approach. If a placement is not approved, the Postgraduate Dean should make clear reasons why and what conditions need to be met to allow the application to proceed and when that is likely to be.

Will there be fewer MTI posts in 2021?

Due to the impacts of COVID on the progression of UK trainees it is likely we will see a reduction in the number of MTI placement posts in the 2021 round. Applicants who are wait listed for the 2021 round should proceed on the understanding that we are unable to guarantee how many placements will be available. The College will be transparent with MTI applicants at all stages of the process and will provide regular updates.   

Our Trust are considering requesting a placement post in the 2021 round, what steps should we take?

Deans must be enabled to make a decision on each potential MTI placement right at the outset of the process. It is important to ensure MTI posts do not disadvantage UK trainees. As such we recommend to contact your Head of School and Deanery in the early planning stages before you submit an RCOG MTI placement post request and begin interviews/recruitment process, to check the MTI post will be approved and also the start date for the MTI post.

When are MTI trainees likely to commence in post under the current scheme?

The RCOG will work with the individual Trust and MTI Doctor to facilitate a start date taking into account the current circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic and individual countries travel restrictions. We anticipate a start date in Summer/Autumn 2021 for MTI 2021 round.

What if a Trust cannot guarantee appropriate training and support for MTI Doctors in the workplace after a post has been approved?

Please liaise with the RCOG MTI Office who will be able to offer individual advice at 

We will be able to defer any existing placement requests to the MTI 2021 scheme where appropriate.

What if the situation/circumstances within the workplace change before the MTI Doctor commences in post?

The MTI Office will keep in regular contact with the Trust and the MTI Doctor throughout the matching and placement process and we emphasise the need to be flexible around start dates for MTI trainees as the situation continues to evolve.

If the situation within your Trust changes and you can no longer guarantee the appropriate standards of education, supervision and training please notify the RCOG MTI Office as soon as possible at