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Tackling the abortion education deficit: how to advocate for comprehensive abortion education for healthcare students and providers

A lack of comprehensive education on safe abortion and post-abortion care (PAC) in undergraduate and post-graduate medical, nursing and midwifery curricula presents a significant barrier to safe abortion and post-abortion care access globally.

Whilst abortion care in most countries is permitted under certain circumstances, abortion care is not often included in students’ curricula, nor in relevant postgraduate specialty training programmes.

This leaves newly qualified and junior healthcare providers without the legal and clinical knowledge and skills to provide safe abortion care. Improving healthcare provider’s education on safe abortion and PAC would improve access to abortion care for women, girls, pregnant people, and their ability to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights, including their right to bodily autonomy, among others.

The aim of this webinar is to explore the importance of comprehensive abortion education for doctors, nurses and midwives, the barriers to providing it, and the role of healthcare providers in advocating for it, in order to expand access to essential sexual and reproductive health services.

Why you should watch

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of including comprehensive education on abortion in core curriculum and in relevant postgraduate training programmes.
  • Outline the barriers to providing comprehensive clinical education on abortion
  • Explain how healthcare providers can advocate for comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate education on abortion
  • Introduce the Making Abortion Safe eLearning and advocacy resources.

This page was last reviewed 20 November 2021.