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Memories – Dr Belmont E.O. Williams FRCOG

I have a rich and very fruitful history within the RCOG.

I gained my RCOG Fellowship in June 1979. It was a truly special moment in which I had the below photograph taken with the late Dr Mary Egerton, who was also a Fellow of the College.

Photo (1979) of Dr Belmont E.O. Williams FRCOG and Dr Mary Egerton FRCOG

It was such an honour to have her there with me that day, both for the ceremony and for the dinner that evening. Dr Egerton was my mentor and she was like a mother to me right from my student days at the University of Bristol Medical School and she was there for me all through my training for the MRCOG.


I believe I was the first African female from Sub-Saharan Africa to pass the MRCOG exams in January 1967.


Dr Egerton nominated me for the Fellowship due to the work I had done in the identification and training of traditional birth attendants in Sierra Leone. I will be forever grateful for her support and guidance through my career and for being there when I was able to celebrate the reward. 


She was also an amazing woman through her own achievements. I believe she was one of the early Fellows who worked on the pap smear in this country. She was based at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.


Later in my working career, I was awarded the Bernard Baron Travelling Fellowship Prize by the Council of the College. This award, in 1983, enabled me to visit four different areas in China as I wanted to study the delivery of maternal health care services at different levels, particularly in the rural areas.