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Distributing surveys

The RCOG is happy to assist with the distribution of your survey, but there are some restrictions, as set out below.

We receive many requests to send surveys to our membership (or specific sub-groups), so we need to ensure this is tightly controlled. While we respect the value that groups/individuals place on their respective surveys, we also have a duty of care to ensure our members are not continually asked to participate. In the past, we’ve received a number of complaints from our membership about the frequency of survey requests. Although not all such requests come via the College, we appreciate there are times when our membership feel inundated.

To help reduce the amount of surveys our members are asked to respond to, any requests for survey notices must be included in O&G News, our monthly e-newsletter to our Fellows and Members only. There are costs associated with the provision of this service; for further information, please visit the O&G News advertising page.

Please do not request email data for our membership as we do not provide it, based on the Data Protection Act and RCOG policy. Should you wish to undertake a postal survey, we can provide details for this, but terms and conditions apply. For further details, please email the Membership Services team or call +44 20 7772 6258.

All surveys are subject to approval and you will need to submit the final draft with your request.

Surveys of O&G trainees

We have some specific requirements for surveys sent to our trainees:

  • The survey should benefit all trainees
  • The survey should have been piloted locally, and the results should be available
  • There should be usefulness in asking the question nationally rather than locally
  • It shouldn’t be possible to identify any individual trainee; this means the survey shouldn't request email addresses or other personal information
  • Publication of the survey shouldn’t adversely affect the good name of trainees in O&G

These requirements aim to protect trainees from overly frequent surveying, and to ensure that surveys that do go out are as scientifically valid as possible.

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