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MRCOG final preparation series – franchising

The MRCOG Final Preparation courses aim to improve candidates’ exam techniques to improve their chances of passing. The courses focus purely on exam techniques and practice papers, and also offer insights into O&G practice in the NHS. These courses are available for franchising.

Successful exam candidates at the RCOG membership admission ceremony

RCOG membership admission ceremony

RCOG membership admission ceremony

Part 1

This 3-day course provides final preparation for candidates sitting the Part 1 MRCOG. Experienced lecturers deliver a comprehensive programme of talks that address all components of the exam and the syllabus. There are also daily practice papers that cover typical exam questions, and advice on preparing for and taking the exam.

For new centres, there is a ‘Training the Trainers’ workshop on how to organise an RCOG Part 1 MRCOG Revision course. Up to 10 local senior doctors can attend to learn how to support and coach candidates preparing for their exam.

Part 2

This 2-day course focuses on the written element of the Part 2 MRCOG. Candidates receive individual feedback on practice papers, and also work in small groups to discuss SAQ techniques and undertake a marking exercise.

Unique to this course, candidates hear lectures on subspecialty areas of O&G delivered by UK examiners, e-lectures recorded by UK speakers or lectures by invited local experts.

Candidates will practise up to:

  • 50 extended matching questions (EMQs)
  • Single best answers (SBAs)

Part 3

This Part 3 Clinical Skills Course will give delegates a unique opportunity to practise and rehearse the clinical tasks set down in the new MRCOG Part 3 oral examination. There will be two different circuits, where you will receive individual feedback after each of the tasks from the examiners, some of which will use local role players and lay examiners.

There will also be workshop-based sessions incorporating communication skills with patients and colleagues, issues of patient safety, applied clinical knowledge and information gathering using different task materials to increase the delegate’s exposure to more questions.

Get involved with the MRCOG Final Preparation series

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