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About our new building

Details of our modern new office at Union Street

Located in the heart of the busy and vibrant central London area of London Bridge, our new office at Union Street is spread across 5 levels, with a light, modern, glazed atrium connecting 2 original buildings, a modern café area and entrance space.

Photo of atrium with large RCOG logo on frame

Impression of the atrium (image © Bennetts Associates)

A helical staircase is a key architectural feature in our new atrium – helping staff, members and visitors to move easily between floors.

The building design at Union Street incorporates the original 19th century hop warehouse on the site, dating back to the 1850s, and a modern building dating back to the 1980s – both connected by the stunning, glazed atrium.

We have preserved some of the hop warehouse's original features, including brickwork and the crane and pulley system, while the buildings have both been modernised internally to meet the College’s specification for future working.


Accessibility to our building

Our new home at Union Street will go beyond the minimum requirements set out in building regulations, to ensure that the building is as widely accessible as we can make it.

There will be 9 accessible toilets at Union Street, with at least 1 situated on each floor, for ease of access. Stairs and lifts are being upgraded, with a new lift in the south building suitable for visually impaired users. Hearing loops will be fitted in the meeting rooms located in the south building and large meeting hall, and infra-red hearing aids will be available.

The experience for users who are neuro-divergent is also being taken into account. Colour schemes that help orientate the user, and diagrammatic signage, will help people to navigate their way around the building. LED lighting has been used in meeting rooms and office areas, making them more pleasant environments for those who find fluorescent lighting uncomfortable.


Design and sustainability

BREEAM is the world's leading sustainability assessment method, which sets standards to help new developments enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them, and helps protect natural resources.  It addresses carbon, water consumption and occupant wellbeing.

Throughout the development of our new home, sustainability planning has been at the forefront of our design and build process. BREEAM encompasses a wide range of factors, from noise pollution, water use, energy consumption, to the plan for how people will commute to the building, as well as governing design and construction decisions.

Our BREEAM consultants are working at Union Street to help us achieve a BREEAM rating of 'very good'. In our new home at Union Street there will be solar water heating and photo-voltaic panels on the roof, which will generate low carbon hot water and electricity.

The RCOG decided to re-use an existing property, located right next to a major public transport hub, thus saving on carbon and natural materials when compared to building a new facility from scratch in a suburban location.