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Design plans

We are excited to share the initial design plans for the new building with you.

Here you can see:

  • The concept design for the new covered atrium, which will create a grand dynamic space to welcome all to the RCOG
  • The new helical staircase, linking the two buildings together
  • An outline of the event and office space planned for each floor.

These designs provide a snapshot of current thinking, but are subject to future change.


View of south building on Union Street


Existing building exterior


Inside the new atrium – the key space unifying the buildings


Atrium sectional perspective: the historic hop warehouse elevation, flanked by the feature stair to the left and the new feature wall to the right


Large meeting hall on top floor exposing historical feature of the building


Sectional perspective: New entrance and helical stair feature


View of new atrium and sectional perspective