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The Heritage Committee was formed in August 2017 to support the RCOG’s work to preserve, manage and promote our heritage collections (Museum, Archive, Artworks and Rare Books).

Among its objectives, the Committee will raise awareness of, and promote the RCOG historical collections – bringing attention to the RCOG’s current work and goals.

The Heritage Committee will support the Estates Programme to safeguard, protect and preserve the heritage collections during our move to Union Street.

The Estates Research and Information Services work stream, led by Victoria Bytel, is in the process of auditing the College’s collections, and is working with the architects to formulate a plan for the display of our heritage in the new building.


Heritage Committee workshop

The Heritage Committee met for a workshop in September to explore some of the themes and narratives that it would like to showcase in the RCOG’s new home.

A heritage display case has been designed for Union Street’s Reading Room to maximise the visitor experience. It is envisioned that this case will be used to display the development of different delivery methods in a more rounded way than we are currently able to do.

Elsewhere, the Heritage Committee hopes to expand on the history of the College and O&G profession, as well as the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), whose heritage collection we are the custodians of. Plans are underway to display the equipment used by obstetricians, gynaecologists and midwives over the years and up to the present day to highlight how technology has advanced. The College’s Heritage team is also eager to reflect on current RCOG initiatives from a historical perspective.

A timeline is being planned for the main atrium to capture of the attention of an array of different audiences - our members, the general public, and commercial visitors alike. It will direct them to display cases and art works around the building to provide a deeper understanding of our history.

There is a lot of untapped potential within our heritage collections and we are looking forward to using them to promote the College to both existing and new audiences. There is a significant public interest in general medical and social history, and we hope that a trip to 10-18 Union Street will provide visitors with a greater understanding of what the RCOG and RCM have done to improve women’s health care.


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