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Interview – Annabel Flint

Last month, we sat down with Annabel Flint to talk about her role as Senior Project Manager for the Estates Programme, overseeing our move to Union Street.

What does your role involve?

I manage the internal changes that are required before we move to Union Street. I work with the work stream leads to ensure they are following detailed plans, keeping to schedule and identifying potential risks to the project.

Part of my role includes ensuring all of our requirements are fed in to the design of the building. Union Street’s open plan office will provide a real opportunity to have various teams working side-by-side and encourage more joint working across the College.

The Estates team, alongside workstream leads, have worked hard to develop and implement the College’s new ways of working such as the hot desking trial, working from home initiative, and paper reduction strategy, to ensure that we are ready and have the tools to work in a flexible way when we move to Union Street. 


What are some of the challenges you have come across in this role?

The complexity of adapting an existing building to suit the needs of the College has been a challenge but really interesting and exciting to be part of. With the nature of a large project with multiple work streams it is always a challenge to ensure all areas of work are joined up and keep to schedule


What have you most enjoyed about this role?

I love the variety of my role and working with staff across the entire College. It has been a great opportunity to understand the various areas of work and get to know people in a relatively short period of time. Working so closely with IT has also given me a whole new appreciation of how complex IT systems are and how much work goes on behind the scenes for the day-to-day running of the College.


With nine months to go now until the big move, what are you most looking forward to?

Of course, seeing the finished building will be one of the highlights of the move. But for me, the most exciting part will be when we start to pack up at Sussex Place and start to move in to Union Street. It will be a phased move planned for around November, and I am really looking forward to helping staff get set up at Union Street and embedding our new ways of working. That’s going to be really exciting.


Where have you worked previously?

Previously I worked at the National Guideline Alliance (NGA) at the RCOG, developing guidelines for NICE. I started off as Project Manager and progressed to Senior Project Manager. Prior to that I worked for the National Autistic Society, based at Havering Local Authority, to implement the Autism Act 2009. This involved developing an overall strategy and taking forward the various work-streams which resulted from this work. It was a very similar in structure to the Estates Project.


What do you like about these contract roles?

I enjoy roles where I can learn new skills and expand my knowledge, so contract roles really appeal to me as they often offer the opportunity to work across a variety of areas. For me that big challenge of learning something new, and also working with lots of different people to implement change, is really exciting.