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Interview – Gary Waltham

In early June, we interviewed Gary Waltham about his role as Chair of the Move Group. Gary has been working at the RCOG for two and a half years as Executive Director of the National Guideline Alliance. 

What does the Move Group do?

The Move Group is looking at how we get from Sussex Place to Union Street and all of the logistics involved with moving from one building to another. We started to set up the project about a year ago and it’s been in earnest since September.


What challenges have you faced in your role as Chair?

One of the challenges that we’ve experienced over the last few months relates to our Research and Information Services work stream. The challenge is that we’ve been in this building since 1960 and there are a lot of things here that haven’t been catalogued. When you open doors that haven’t been opened for many years, you find boxes and things in there that you just think, what on earth is that? Who does it belong to? There is more stuff tucked away then we realised! So, that work stream has been very busy in auditing what we have got  - including our heritage items and archives – and thinking about our retention schedules, what we need to keep and what we need to take. The work isn’t completed yet but we have started early enough that we are ahead of the game.


Why is it important that we bring our heritage with us to the new building?

The College’s identity, values and history is who we are and moving buildings doesn’t change those things. We mustn’t forget the past that has allowed us to move to our new home. I think there is a lot to celebrate from our past and the new building will give us an opportunity to really celebrate that past in a more meaningful way. Potentially, we will have more space to display things in a more interesting way than we currently do here. I think here we are quite limited with what can do. Union Street is the next chapter in the College’s journey but we mustn’t forget all the things that were achieved here that have allowed us to go on this brave new step.


What have you most enjoyed in this position so far?

I think the Move Group is really collaborative and the team is working together well. Different departments are coming together to do different things, and people are taking on extra responsibilities outside of their day job. It’s a really good spirit, it feels really collaborative and it’s a project that generally engages every part of the College and there are not many that do that. It’s nice seeing people work together in a really positive way on something that is quite exciting and affects us all.