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Interview – Jade Chau

Earlier this year, we spoke to Jade Chau, one of the architects from Bennetts Associates. For the past year, she has been working with the RCOG design team on the relocation of the College.

What got you into architecture?

I think growing up in different countries from a young age meant that I was exposed to very different cultures and countries. This inevitably influenced my outlook on the world and the built environment we live in. It’s amazing how architecture differs from place to place, and building to building! This gives each destination a unique character and personality.


What are the main challenges facing organisations moving in London?

The main challenge anyone faces when moving is the acceptance of change and need for adaptability to the new environment. As a Royal College that has been at Sussex Place for nearly 60 years, the move will mean leaving behind a building and location full of memories. However, the RCOG is relocating to a fantastic new premise set in the heart of London Bridge! It couldn’t be more central, and this can only facilitate the work of the College!


How will the staff survey be used?

The survey has given Bennetts invaluable data and feedback, allowing us to have a better understanding of who the RCOG is, how the RCOG operates, what the College likes and dislikes about the current premises at Sussex Place, and, most importantly, what are the aspirations for the future new home of the RCOG.


Why is it important for staffing feedback to be incorporated?

It is important that we, the design team, are creating a new, vibrant workplace that satisfies the needs of the staff - the people who help to run the College on a daily basis. Hence, understanding what works and doesn’t work at Sussex Place will allow us to design a better, well-considered working environment for RCOG staff at 10-18 Union Street.


What are the most exciting aspects about working on the move for RCOG?

The biggest excitement is how do we create a contemporary workplace and building that embodies the incredible work of the RCOG. It is the biggest question and the biggest challenge, one that we’re eager to explore and tackle!