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Vision for ways of working at Union Street

Information for RCOG staff about potential new ways of working when we move to Union Street.


Achieving this vision will enable us to become a modern, efficient, collaborative and flexible organisation, to support the delivery of first class healthcare to women worldwide.


Remote working

The purpose of remote working is to support the transformation of the relationship between the College and its employees, promoting an improved work-life balance, increasing productivity, and creating a modern, flexible working environment.

The vision for remote working is:

  • To provide increased flexibility and effective use of physical office space, with most staff working from home up to two days a week
  • Staff are able to work remotely from any appropriate location, to ensure a flexible and adaptable way of working while reducing the need for physical office space
  • Staff can work seamlessly between the office and a remote location, with access to all their required IT systems, to ensure effective working and a consistent user experience
  • All staff are easily accessible and contactable from any work location for connectivity and to facilitate positive team working
  • IT systems can adapt to increased number of users in the future
  • Staff do not incur any personal costs when working remotely


Hot desking

As part of a more agile approach to working, hot desking will be an integral part of developing a new working culture for the College at Union Street, improving communication between teams and promoting collaboration. A hot desking policy details that, unless by exception, staff will not have an allocated desk but will have access to a group of workstations.

The vision for hot desking is:

  • Staff will hot desk within dedicated team zones to maintain team identity and communications, and to enable others to easily locate individuals and teams in person
  • To ensure provision for all staff during peak periods or events, a hot desking ‘spill-over’ area will be provided in each working zone
  • Each workstation will ensure that user experience is the same regardless of location or workstation
  • By ultilising 'roaming profiles' on all RCOG computers, users' data and desktop profiles will be the same using different workstations
  • Personal storage facilities (e.g. lockers) will be provided away from desks
  • There will be a clear and clean desk policy
  • To have a reduced office footprint
  • Disability and special requirements will be taken into account and provided for


Flexible meeting spaces

Meeting rooms at Union Street will be designed to deliver various configurations, with IT and audio-visual installation to support different styles of meeting and ease of set up. This is not limited to meeting room space and includes areas which act as breakout spaces for networking and informal communication, encouraging collaboration and allowing teams to connect.

The vision for flexible meeting space is:

  • Informal meeting space which encourages discussions and allows staff to work in a flexible and adaptable way
  • Small break out rooms for staff with IT provision, in order to avoid the booking of larger meeting rooms used for internal and external events
  • To increase the flexibility of meetings, IT systems will support meetings being conducted remotely as well as from desks, ensuring the user experience is consistent between meeting rooms and desks, and that privacy is supported
  • Multipurpose meeting rooms for internal and commercial use to make the most of physical space and utilise commercial opportunities
  • Meeting space is adaptable, large meeting rooms contain flexible IT equipment, and systems are able to adapt to changing room size and layout
  • Clear branding throughout all meeting space to promote the work of the College and deliver a sense of women’s health. This should be throughout the College not limited to public facing space
  • To enable confidential discussions to take place, a soundproof area will be available for staff which includes the provision of IT systems
  • Strong internet and network connectivity access throughout the college to allow staff and visitors to work in different environments e.g. café or reading room


Library and information services

The move to a new building provides an opportunity to review the library and information services and ensure that they are "future-proof". This includes identifying opportunities to increase global customer reach, and the ways in which services are delivered, to ensure they can adapt in the future.

The vision for library and information services is:

  • To promote the services and resources of the College and reach an expanded audience
  • A dedicated physical space for valuable and historical books will be accessible to visitors to exhibit the heritage of the College
  • To demonstrate the history, purpose and work of the College, clear branding is visible using heritage items displayed throughout the building


Members' & non-staff experience

Enabling a positive experience increases understanding, support, and engagement with the College as a brand and as an organisation working to improve women’s health. The College also encourages its Fellows and Members to use the College as a resource.

The vision for a positive experience is:

  • An informal area for Members and Fellows to work and socialise
  • Using heritage items to create a strong RCOG brand at Union Street and to promote the work of the College in relation to women’s health
  • A dedicated seating area to work or revise, with internet connectivity, which promotes the College as a professional and welcoming environment, encouraging visitors
  • Clear signposting and layout maps will ensure a positive and professional experience, for those less familiar with the College, while ensuring all areas of the College are visible and promoted.