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Who's who

A large group of staff, members and external consultants are helping to prepare the College for the move to Union Street.

Find out who they are and watch this space for interviews with the team over the coming months.


Internal RCOG team

Project team

  • Fred Emden – Interim CEO, Senior Responsible Officer
  • Annabel Flint – Senior Project Manager
  • Nick Amato – Assistant Project Manager



  • Patrick Finch – RCOG Trustee and Chair of Programme Board & Programme Advisory Board
  • Gary Waltham – Move Group Chair & Executive Director of Development


Programme Board (meets monthly)

  • Patrick Finch (Chair & Trustee representative)
  • Fred Emden (Interim CEO & SRO for Estates Programme)
  • Victoria Bytel (Executive Director, External Affairs)
  • Mary Ann Lumsden (Senior Vice President)
  • Gary Waltham (Move Group Chair & Executive Director of Development)
  • Dr Adalina Sacco OR Dr Will Parry-Smith (Trainee representatives)
  • James Cross (RCOG Digital)

In attendance:

  • Annabel Flint (Senior Project Manager, Estates Programme)
  • Gerald Carew (Associate Director of Business Development)
  • Mike Burke (External Project Manager – Burke Hunter Adams – leading the construction work)
  • Franziska Michel (External Lead architect – Bennetts Associates)
  • Jade Chau (External architect – Bennetts Associates)
  • Nick Amato (Assistant Project Manager)


Move Group work stream leads

Within each work stream sits a team of College staff helping to deliver the work of the group

  • Emma Gilgunn-Jones – Communications
  • Fernando Caicedo – People and Process
  • Rachel Dell – Business Continuity
  • Robert Reilly – IT & AV
  • Victoria Bytel – Research & Information Services
  • Indie Dhindsa – Trading
  • Jessica Letters – Events
  • Aidan Ramsden – Logistics
  • Lindsey Mamza – Staff Representative



Principal Consultants

Project and Cost Management – Burke Hunter Adams

  • Mike Burke – Project Manger

Architect and Lead Designer – Bennetts Associates

  • Simon Erridge – Lead Architect
  • Franziska Mitchel – Principal Architect
  • Jade Chau – Supporting Architect

Structural Engineer – Integral Engineering

  • Matthew Blaza – Associate Engineer
  • Tim Mander – Director

Building Services Engineer – KJ Tait Engineers

  • David Webster – Engineer
  • Malcolm Tait – Engineer