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Enhanced Revision Programme Moderator job description

The RCOG is keen to recruit Fellows and Members as moderators to deliver a Part 2 MRCOG Enhanced Revision Programme to candidates preparing for the Part 2 MRCOG exam.

The moderators will work in pairs and be responsible for conducting the virtual classrooms. The virtual classrooms rely on interaction between a moderator and up to 15 candidates, and therefore must take place at set dates and times which must be adhered to. Moderators are required to attend a moderator workshop. Some exemptions will be considered, e.g. if already a mentor/moderator in a similar capacity.

Roles and responsibilities

Moderators are expected to:

  • Maintain the relationship with candidates for the length of the training programme
  • Conduct the virtual classrooms as per agreed dates and times
  • Work in partnership with the candidates to support their preparation for the Part 2 MRCOG exam and to allow enough time in each virtual classroom for Q&A
  • Bring any improper conduct, as well as conflicts, grievances or complaints, during the virtual classrooms to the attention of the RCOG or the Part 2 MRCOG Convenor
  • Be sensitive to a candidate’s cultural and linguistic background

Person specification

Essential characteristics

  • Strong understanding of NHS (processes, structures, hospital hierarchy) and topics that are unique to NHS (audit, clinical governance, critical appraisal, risk management)
  • Strong knowledge of exam question and techniques for Part 2 MRCOG exam
  • Confidence in using software as communication tool
  • Understanding of objectives of education provision in regards to Part 2 MRCOG exam
  • Evidence of enthusiasm and experience working with trainees
  • Reliability and commitment
  • Good time management
  • Registered with a licence to practise with GMC, in good standing
  • Substantive consultant in obstetrics and/or gynaecology in UK NHS practice
  • Evidence of annual appraisal
  • At least one fully completed CPD cycle
  • Evidence of equal opportunities and diversity training within previous 3 years

Desirable characteristics

  • Strong understanding of local clinical practice and the local training system and having worked in the UK and in local area where Enhanced Revision Programme is run
  • Being able to build rapport with candidates
  • Experience in writing exam questions for either undergraduate or postgraduate medical exams
  • Experience as examiner in undergraduate or other postgraduate exams
  • Evidence of active involvement in medical education
  • College Tutor or Educational Supervisor experience
  • Experience in standard setting for examinations

Duration of appointment

3 years initially

Time required

  • The role of moderator is recognised for CPD and is undertaken within SPA time. Please see the separate information sheet regarding claiming CPD credits for your involvement in the Part 2 MRCOG Enhanced Revision Programme.
  • The moderator may need to discuss this role with their clinical director in their job planning process.
  • It is anticipated that the time required for the virtual classroom will be approximately 8 hours per month.
  • The moderator will be supported with material from the Part 2 MRCOG course convenor and must pay due care and attention to the copyright of the material and maintain security of sample questions.
  • The moderator is required to attend a half-day Training the Moderator session prior to the commencement of the programme.
  • The moderator will be asked to provide feedback and evaluation at the conclusion of the pilot project.

Evaluation of the role

This job description will be re-evaluated at the conclusion of the pilot project in light of feedback received.

How to apply

To register your interest, please

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