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Engaging with the public

This page provides information on how the College works with the public to improve women’s health care.

RCOG Women’s Network

The RCOG Women’s Network advises the College on issues affecting women during pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as infertility, gynaecological conditions through to the menopause and beyond.

Women’s Voices Involvement Panel

The Women’s Voices Involvement Panel is a new RCOG initiative to create a bigger ‘virtual’ group of women who we can approach whenever we need a wider opinion on issues. Most of the work can be done through email and members of the group can pick and choose what they’re involved in to best suit their interests and availability.

Patient information leaflets

The RCOG produces information leaflets on key issues in women’s health care, designed for women and the general public. A vital part of the process is asking the people the leaflets are designed for what they think, to ensure the leaflets meet their needs.

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Patient information leaflets
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