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Academic Trainee Representative – Academic Board

We are calling for nominations for the post of Academic Trainees' Representative on the RCOG Academic Board.

The role is to be a member of the Academic Board to work with the Chair and other Board members to promote and safeguard all aspects of academic obstetrics and gynaecology, including research and research training, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and the nature of academic jobs and training, particularly in relation to recruitment and retention.

This is an honorary role, with no financial remuneration attached. Expenses incurred attending meetings are refundable, in accordance with the RCOG's Travel & Expenses Policy.



For candidates and nominators

You will only be eligible to stand, or nominate for a candidate to stand, if you have a current hospital post on our database and fulfil the criteria outlined as follows:

  • Trainee who has an Academic Clinical Fellow Post and a current hospital post on the RCOG database, OR
  • Trainee undertaking a PhD or MD as Out of Programme Research (OOPR)
  • Has minimum of 2 years remaining in respect of their projected CCT date.

For being able to vote in elections

  • Trainees who have an academic post (academic clinical fellow, clinical lecturer) or are undertaking research either as OOPR or clinical research fellow


How to apply

If you wish to stand for election, please submit a completed nomination form to Valeria Ferrante at

Or by post to RCOG, 10-18 Union Street, London SE1 1SZ

Application deadline: Wednesday 5 February 2020


Role description and person specification (Word document 843kb)