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Council elections 2021

Nominations and elections processes for the College’s most senior professional body, responsible for furthering our mission and supporting members.

2021 vacancies

There will be 2 Members' (MRCOG) representative vacancies on RCOG Council from July 2021.

This is your opportunity to stand for election to the College’s most senior professional body, responsible for furthering our mission and supporting members. This page provides information about the roles, how and why to apply, and the process.

Nominations are invited for the following:

Constituency Members
UK Regional election:
East Midlands


West Midlands



Eligibility for UK/ROI Member regional post

Eligibility for nomination to a UK/ROI Member regional post is as follows:

  • A Member whose main or principal appointment is in the same constituency as the vacancy for which they are applying
  • In active practice up to and including the date of installation of new Council representatives
  • Up to date with their membership subscription.
  • Nominated in writing by three Members of the same constituency, all of whom must be up to date with their membership subscription.
  • A person may only be nominated as a candidate for one Constituency in any one year. 


Role description

The role description includes information about the responsibilities, time commitment and eligibility of RCOG Councillors.

The RCOG values the diversity of its members and recognises the importance of the RCOG Council representing both the diverse specialty and the diverse population our members serve. As an inclusive organisation, the willingness of our members to participate is essential for the RCOG’s work to remain relevant to our members and the women we serve, and to move forward our strategy and organisational goals.

Read more about the RCOG Council, including terms of reference and meeting dates.

The RCOG Regulations guide the governance, management and business arrangements of the College.

All members of Council are expected to sign a Confidentiality and Declaration of Interests and Good Standing form and behave in accordance with the RCOG Code of conduct.


Why stand for Council?

Being a member of Council is a wonderful opportunity to get involved with a wide range of projects across the RCOG, and to ensure your colleagues’ voices are represented in the College’s decisions.

A past Council member has shared her experiences, which we hope will inspire you to put yourself forward:


How to apply

Candidates for these vacancies must send their nomination form, photograph, consent to stand and signed declaration of good standing to the Chief Executive’s office by 12pm on Friday 7 May 2021. Please note that late and/or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

To request a nomination form, please email Natasha Sullivan at

Please note:

  • No Fellow (FRCOG) or Member (MRCOG) may canvass for election to Council other than through the nomination form approved by Council

Voting process

The Ballot papers will be circulated electronically by CES (Civica Election Services) according to the timeline above to:

  • Members in the East Midlands and West Midlands constituencies

Only those ballot papers from Members who are up to date or exempt from paying subscriptions will be included in the election process.

The elections are held using the single transferrable vote (STV) system.

The RCOG Chief Executive is the Returning Officer and has ultimate responsibility for the Council election process.



7 May 2021 Closing date for receipt of nominations
1 June 2021 Ballot papers circulated by CES
1 July 2021 Closing date for receipt of ballot papers
8 July 2021 Votes counted by CES
9 July 2021 Results announced
16 Sept 2021 Induction for new Council members
17 Sept 2021 Attendance at first Council meeting


Contact us

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Natasha Sullivan:


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is meant by active practice?

The RCOG Regulations Section 1.1 state that “Active Practice” in respect of a Fellow or Member, she or he:

  1. has a valid licence to practise as a medical practitioner from the UK General Medical Council or the Medical Council of Ireland (or any statutory successor to such bodies); and
  2. is engaged as a medical practitioner in the UK or the Republic of Ireland in the practice of obstetrics and/or gynaecology for which a licence to practice is required in terms of (i) above; and
  3. is not in arrears with her or his subscription to the College.

A person shall only be eligible to be a candidate for an Elected member if she or he is in Active Practice throughout the period from the date of her or his nomination to the date of taking office.

Can Fellows ad eundum be nominators?


Can I email you my completed nomination form?

Email is encouraged, however the form must be high quality and clear.

Are electronic signatures acceptable?


How does Single Transferable Voting (STV) work?

Please see an explanation of Single Transferable Voting.

Can I be elected to Council if I have previously sat on Council as an Elected member or as an Officer?

The RCOG Regulations state the following regarding terms of office:

8.1 Each Elected member, who is a Member, shall hold office for a term of four years from the date she or he takes office, at the end of which she or he shall retire and shall only be eligible for re-election as an Elected member if she or he becomes a Fellow.

8.2 Each Elected member, who is a Fellow, shall hold office for a term of three years, from the date she or he takes office, at the end of which she or he shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election as an Elected member for one further term of three years.

10.23 Upon retirement an Officer shall not be eligible for…election as an Elected member until three years have elapsed.