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Dr Alison L Wright FRCOG

Alison L WrightAs a practising Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, I have daily contact with clinical teams and patients. I love the work yet, like you, I experience its pressures.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology is still the best career and I am determined that all our Members, Fellows, trainees, SAS and trust doctors remain happy and fulfilled in their choice!

Our Members and Fellows deserve a strong leader, who collaborates and communicates effectively. Crucially, one who is prepared to be bold in supporting our profession.


Our challenges

As the RCOG relocates, we have exciting opportunities to modernise and update our technology and digital platform.

It is vital that throughout this, we remain true to our College's core values and high standards.

Our profession is facing unprecedented pressures. We must make certain that recruitment is maintained and retention improved, so that we can continue to provide our patients with safe and high quality care. More than ever, our Membership needs its College for practical support and guidance.

The RCOG has in recent years become extremely successful in being the 'go to' place for policy makers and media, yet how much more must be done to ensure we are always the 'go to' place for our own Members and Fellows?

Current risk and event reporting processes need to be reviewed, streamlined and made easy for busy clinicians.


My leadership

I stand for fairness and strength, bringing together communities of professionals, supporting our doctors throughout their careers to provide the best possible care for women.

I listen to and embrace the expertise of academics, specialist societies and colleagues across our diverse specialty, trusting members are confident to select me as President.

As Vice President for UK and Global Membership,

I have:

  • Transformed representation and council communications to the Membership, ensuring that all Members and Fellows have an opportunity to have their say
  • Addressed each aspect of the Membership journey, from ensuring male medical students don't face discrimination, to more effectively involving our retiring members
  • Revolutionised job planning approval processes, to ensure greater protection for Consultants
  • Set up the 'Supporting our Doctors' initiative, working with the GMC to improve processes. This includes an extensive 'peer to peer' support programme and an expert opinion service
  • Partnered with College of Surgeons to run national anti-bullying days
  • Chaired an 'MRCOG global improvement group' which enables our international representatives to input directly
  • Brought the voice of women closer to the Membership, via the Women's Network, leading to more honest dialogue and building mutual trust


My vision

By the end of my term as President, it is my intention that:

Our Members and Fellows are re-connected with the college and shape its direction. The MRCOG exam is relevant and trusted. Our workforce is strengthened, with flexible training pathways, fewer rota gaps and improved working conditions - and we remember the Gynaecology in 'O&G'!

I look forward to taking on this role and rising to its challenges, in giving Obstetricians and Gynaecologists the voice they need and deserve.


CV – Alison L Wright (PDF)