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Mr Edward Patrick Morris FRCOG

Edward Patrick MorrisThe RCOG is funded by and exists for trainees, members, and fellows. As your president I would change the way the college works for you, promotes our speciality and advocates for our patients. The college must move from crisis management to crisis prevention. It should be an extension of your team at work not a distant corporate entity, a peer group you can rely on for expertise and support to help you succeed through your career.

As president my priorities will be curriculum, exams, workforce, safety and member representation across the nation and internationally. Retention of talented clinicians is vital, whether trainees with difficulties or consultants caught in the pensions trap. We must focus on our core function of producing and supporting current and future generations of obstetricians and gynaecologists rather than being distracted by issues which are not priorities for our members. The leadership of clinicians is central to the RCOG, for example within the examination and assessment processes. I trust clinicians to effectively lead and deliver college projects.

I understand the pressures we work under, the particular scrutiny that maternity and gynaecology face and the challenges of embedding research and service development during times of austerity. The college's prime function should be to competently and firmly support clinicians in our work through advocacy, consequently improving professional working and women's health.

The RCOG is now where politicians come to make high profile announcements. These must deliver more for women and the profession, not result in more work for frontline staff without adequate funding. Genuine advocacy is needed for areas which may have traditionally felt uncomfortable. We must reduce the burden of multiple reporting for stillbirth and HIE, improve surgical training and lobby for safe staffing levels for maternity and for gynaecology.

As your President I will get out of London to get the RCOG back in touch with fellows and members at home and fight your corner with you. The way the college communicates with everyone needs to become open, professional and respectful. The RCOG exists to serve its members, it's not simply a business. I will ensure resources from subscriptions, exams and course fees are used effectively to make professional life more rewarding, efficient and enjoyable for trainees, members and fellows. You are the backbone of this college, the reason it exists and there will be transparency about how your money is used. I have the understanding to lead an effective digital transformation of how the RCOG communicates with you.

O&G is the most amazing specialty and the RCOG must be a college where each member counts. We need leadership and advocacy for real issues locally, regionally and nationally to ensure we are supported throughout our careers. As Vice President I have demonstrated the skills, determination and integrity required to lead the RCOG. I have seen our strengths and our untapped potential. With me as President the college will become a welcoming, modern institution that meets your needs and one you are truly proud to be part of.


CV – Edward Patrick Morris (PDF)