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Professor Mary Ann Lumsden FRCOG

Mary Ann LumsdenIt would be an honour to serve as President at this exciting time of change and external challenge. My CV shows that I have the qualities and experience needed to enable the College to flourish under my leadership, to the benefit of its Fellows, Members and for the women for whom we care. These include my extensive experience in change management, skills as a leader, my consensual style, my wide-ranging knowledge of all aspects of the College and my ability and enthusiasm for engaging the diverse membership.

As Senior Vice President I have focused on the most challenging issues facing our college and specialty. The loss of talented clinicians through attrition should be a wake-up call for us all. I have led a Task Force that has gathered accurate data on staffing and highlighted attrition for the 1st time. I am determined to continue tackling these problems within our Workforce, which are contributing to low morale, a poor workplace culture and threatening safe, effective care. Working patterns must change to allow development of Portfolio Careers that will evolve as a doctor progresses through his/her working life. My leadership style facilitates collaboration with other RCOG colleagues as well as organizations working towards the same ends. We must ensure we have well supported and motivated staff, present in the right numbers to provide women with choice and safe compassionate care.

As President I would ensure that the new curriculum is implemented successfully, supporting the changes that are needed to train our young doctors to become high quality specialists. I have extensive educational experience and contributed both to the working groups, which started the developmental process and also, the changes occurring in the MRCOG.

The College is undergoing unprecedented change, including moving to a new home on Union Street. We also have change within the senior executive including the CEO, Officers and half the Council. I believe my unrivalled familiarity with all aspects of the running of the College, (I have served on all the main committees) and my external experience, will ensure stability and success for the RCOG at this time. With a passion to make a difference, I would ensure Union Street will become a focus for the entire membership be that remotely or physically.

High quality, accessible, evidence-based guidelines, underpin our practise. I have personally undertaken several successful, contributory clinical trials. I have also chaired 3 Guideline Development Groups and, as Board Chair, supported the guideline unit staff through difficult times.

I am a team player who as Leader can bring people along with me. I have demonstrated this as President of BMS, IMS and Chair of the Consortium Board as well as Senior VP of the RCOG within an effective team of College Officers. As President I would maximise the expertise and commitment of our Fellows and Members. I will lead a team who will work with others to do our utmost to advance Women’s Health across the globe with advocacy remaining an integral part of everything we do.


CV – Mary Ann Lumsden (PDF)