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Miss Melanie Clare Davies FRCOG

Melanie DaviesI am as proud to belong to the RCOG now as I was the day I passed the Membership. We are a professional community, united in our aim to improve the health of women. The College inspires international recognition for setting standards of practice and training. It is increasingly visible and effective on the national stage.

I am standing for election as your President because these are goals I believe in. My commitment is to improve healthcare for women and improve the professional lives of my colleagues, the College membership, throughout our training and careers.

I have credibility as a clinician, with over 30 years’ experience in both obstetrics and gynaecology. I understand the pressures of our high-risk, 24-hour specialty, increasing demands and complexity of care, and financial constraints.

There is no substitute for safe staffing levels, and I would fight for expansion of our workforce. We also need modern workplaces to facilitate first-class care. Yes, money is tight, but I want to lead that conversation with policy-makers.

Our talented trainees feel undervalued, and 30% are leaving – we must retain them for the future of our specialty. Alongside high-quality education and training, I would work to rebuild team structures in the workplace and embed a culture of respect where bullying cannot flourish.

I was a ‘part-time’ trainee, and have championed flexible training opportunities and working patterns. For our consultants and our SAS/Trust doctors, the relentless workload of service delivery is causing burn-out, and I would reassess and develop the ‘life-course’ progression of specialist careers.

Teamworking with midwifery, nursing and clinical colleagues improves patient outcomes. I would strengthen partnerships with organisations such as RCM and FSRH to find collaborative ways to deliver care. The Women’s Health Taskforce is an opportunity to influence policy-making.

Our UK and international membership face different challenges, but all need a professional body that is responsive, supportive and inclusive. I am aware of the silent majority, whose talents and contribution we could draw on; I would work to improve engagement and dialogue, particularly with SAS/Trust doctors, Specialist Societies, Clinical Directors, and clinical academics.

Globally the College is highly valued for education and clinical guidelines. I will support training initiatives and guideline dissemination and adaptation.  The RCOG promotes human and reproductive rights, and I will grasp the baton and advocate for disadvantaged women worldwide.

2019 is a year of change – new premises, new President, new CEO – but daily College business must continue. We must have a strong organisational and financial base. Having served on Council for 4 terms, including 10 years as RCOG Trustee, and as President of another professional membership organisation, I have a sound grasp of constitution and governance.

Change can invigorate, and I want to look outwards to raise the College’s profile even further. I would represent you with professionalism and authority, both in the UK and internationally. As your President, with the support of Council, Officers, and the Board of Trustees, I have the ability and character to lead with integrity, vision, and commitment.


CV – Melanie Davies (PDF)