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Part 2 SBA Sub-Committee – Fellow / Member Representative (2 vacancies)

We are seeking 2 Fellow / Member Representatives to join the Part 2 SBA Sub-Committee

Committee members will be expected to attend committee meetings regularly, produce new questions, review the performance of the questions following the examinations, be involved in the standard setting processes, be involved in the blueprinting of the examination.

This appointment is for a 3-year term starting in January 2022.

How to apply

Writing task

Applicants must complete a question-writing task, in addition to the application form.

This to ensure that we are able to choose dedicated committee members with enthusiasm and the correct skillset to help judge the applicants in a fair and transparent way.

The task is to write 3 SBAs. You can use any element of the syllabus that you are familiar with for this task.

Please submit questions in a Word document with your application.

To apply, please send your completed writing task and application form to Examinations Officer Rachel Williams at

Application deadline: Monday 20 December 2021

Appointment by: Application