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Basky Thilaganathan FRCOG

Statement for Vice Presidential election 2019

Basky Thilaganathan thumbnailI am Clinical Director of a tertiary fetal medicine service and have a strong academic portfolio with a personal Chair in Fetal Medicine at the University of London. I have a track record of hard work and discipline, with a reputation as an excellent communicator, collaborator and innovator. I have been involved with the RCOG for over 15 years, initially as Lead for the Part 1 MRCOG course rising to Head of Conferences, then through several representative, academic and educational roles up to Fellow’s Representative on the Council for the last 2 years. I am now standing for the position of Vice President.

The next three years are going to be both exciting and challenging for our College. We have for the first time, a President voted into office by the Membership, and the College will be moving to a new home in London Bridge. The RCOG has the task supporting you in delivering first rate health care to women under increasing work constraints and harder personal circumstances. This means more than just continuing to deliver as we currently do, on curricula, guidelines, exams, workforce planning and patient safety.

The College’s strategic objectives to focus on the interests of women and advocate for our speciality is inevitably,  as a membership organisation, linked to our ability to communicate effectively with our membership. I believe that the College can grow stronger only by listening to and acting on the views and opinions of its members regarding how we actually deliver safe and effective healthcare. These should include, but not be limited to, issues such as government directives, multiple mandatory reporting of adverse outcomes, adequate staffing and indirect matters that influence the workforce, such as pensions, supporting doctors in difficulty and returning to work.

If elected, I would work closely with the President, Officers and the Executive to deliver the College’s strategic objectives, by improving how we communicate with, and seek the views of, the membership. The College is best able to advocate for the wellbeing of women by working for you – whether it is by recruitment and retention of specialists, supporting you professionally or promoting and improving the image of our speciality. I would be honoured to serve you and the College as Vice President in delivering these goals.


CV – Basky Thilaganathan (PDF 123kb)


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