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Carolyn Bailie FRCOG

Statement for Vice Presidential election 2019

Carolyn Bailie thumbnailThe RCOG is held in high esteem as a global leader in women’s healthcare. It trains doctors to deliver high quality care, supports those doctors throughout their careers and sets standards for clinical practice. Having served three terms on Council I am standing for Vice President as I want to contribute more fully to the work of the College.

Currently our workforce is under tremendous pressure and it would be one of my priorities to positively influence attrition rates, intense workloads, burnout and to work with others to demand a change to the recent pension concerns. Investigations and scrutiny into adverse events are increasing and I am concerned about the potentially negative effect of this on trainees and members and how it may affect recruitment into the specialty. Supporting our trainees is therefore more important than ever. We need to publicise the tools already available and develop new resources to help our workforce cope with the daily pressures of working within the health service. Good jobplanning is important and we should develop more flexible ways of working, a good work life balance being necessary to maintain a healthy workforce. SAS and Trust doctors are valuable members of our workforce.

I believe that communicating with members, fellows and clinical directors by visiting regions is invaluable, to directly listen to concerns and to learn about innovative ways of working.

Delivering high quality education and training to improve women’s health is at the core of what we do and the College relies on the huge commitment from members and fellows to deliver this. I would work hard to embed the new curriculum and to build upon the good progress of modernising the exam system.

The expertise of colleagues and the specialist societies is essential in producing evidence based guidance and in establishing new information about emerging technologies, such as the new Genomics Taskforce and I will support this work to ensure that the College remains the place to go for up-to-date information.

Adequate staffing of our hospitals is necessary to deliver safe care and gynae surgical training sufficient to achieve and maintain competencies. Our influence on key stakeholders and government is essential.

I am a firm believer in the Women’s Health Strategy where, by influencing public health and education to encourage women and girls (and boys) to adopt healthy lifestyles, society as a whole may benefit.

I recognise the importance of partnerships (such as FSRH) and collaboration in enabling the College to maximise it’s potential and reach and I will do my best to influence and shape policy to drive improvements in healthcare and safety.

As your Vice President I will advocate for women and girls who are disadvantaged or who are less privileged than ourselves and I will contribute to the positive influence of the College on improving the health and lives of women and girls globally.

I have demonstrated my leadership skills regionally. I am approachable and trustworthy. It would be a privilege to be Vice President of the College. 


CV – Carolyn Bailie (PDF 131kb)


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