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Dib Datta FRCOG

Statement for Vice Presidential election 2019

Dib Datta thumbnailAs Vice President, I would bring strong financial acumen; besides familiarity with RCOG finances and an incentivized O&G workforce: of paramount importance in the successful running of all the various components of our College work.

During my term in the Council, I was its representative on the College’s nascent Board of Trustees in 2012. Over four years, I helped shape our Board’s financial, capital growth & business strategy; alongside understanding and interpreting Crown Estate options legalese.

I helped and advised on financial matters in the Finance Committee, including RCOG investments & asset allocation. During these years I also assisted the President and CEO with the Appointments and Remuneration Committee.

During 2016 – 19, I was Executive Member of the Leading Safe Choices program; advising clinicians and project managers on financial rigor in costs and budgeting.

It is against this backdrop of RCOG experience that I seek your support for the Vice President nomination of our College. While reinforcing the strategies of two central aspects of College work – our clinical quality and education and training – I will ensure that they continue to be fully integrated, with lasting benefits for both patients and professionals.

As your VP, I will examine the current RCOG investment envelope for the long term: ensuring that the best funding models are available to ensure financial stability and sustainability of our College, without any compromise to the quality of patient care or training standards.

To improve the morale and welfare of our workforce; I promise to strengthen our taskforce supporting doctors, SAS career progression, peer to peer and expert opinion services. Service reconfiguration with gainful employment of recent retirees, and consideration of O&G physician assistants will translate into career longevity of both trainees and consultants.

I wish to underpin the RCOG’s adoption of newer technologies, equipping our evolving workforce with a more adaptable skill mix: in keeping with the hectic pace of change in drugs and medical technology.

I would advance our College’s push for preventative, along with provision of acute treatment services, with energised community care. As your VP, I would campaign hard for Government legislature to encourage greater industry responsibility to safeguard women’s health.

With emerging trade deals possible, I would envisage that our RCOG has the best use of tele-care, tele-health and wearable technologies in maintaining and improving women’s health, with avenues in genetic and genome medicine opening up to reduce costs and manage demand.

Our College has been a pioneer of data and audit in education, clinical quality and global health. With your support I would endeavour to encourage healthcare providers to adopt and adapt ‘big data’; and seek to invest our College’s resources where healthcare informatics in women’s health is most needed.

An MRCOG from the nineties, my close relationship with our College truly started in 2010; when I was awarded the RCOG Historical Lecture. As a College enthusiast with recent organisational memory, I will bring vitality to the President’s team as he oversees challenges; and help convert these into a decade of opportunities. 


CV – Dib Datta (PDF 277kb)


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