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Hassan Shehata FRCOG

Statement for Vice Presidential election 2019

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Having strong NHS clinical and managerial experience, I sat on executive committees of different organisations and served the College in various capacities; I leveraged these roles to promote women’s health and enhanced the privileges of our Members and Fellows. I am proud that our College has broadened its vision to include our membership workforce concerns and the promotion of women’s rights and healthcare worldwide. I will bring my broad experience to help deliver these laudable aims.

Delivery and Collaboration

The world’s geo-political changes have affected women’s rights and access to healthcare. We need to articulate a meaningful mission to inspire people to contribute their skills in ways that they can make a measurable difference.

I worked closely with governmental and international organisations to help effective change. My experience with these policy makers would be utilised to foster opportunities and promote the delivery of quality healthcare for women.

During my time in Council, I lobbied for the rights of junior doctors access to exams, appointed IRC chairs, developed KPIs for IRCs and LGs, co-organised Women United advocacy film-night and Africa Day, co-developed new FGM educational programme in Egypt as well as being instrumental in bringing RCOG World Congress to the Gulf. However, I am not just passionate about global issues, I genuinely believe that we need to re-evaluate the training pathway to suit our female colleagues, in addition to recognising that a fair percentage of our national membership are non-UK born.

Empowerment and Networking

Too many women in too many countries speak the same language of silence. We need to advocate for them and give them a voice.

I have a wide network of colleagues around the world, particularly in Africa and the Middle East and an in-depth understanding of the challenges they face and the opportunities that our college can offer. I am well placed to help deliver the College’s strategic growth policy in my Council region; the Gulf. We must promote our membership and support them to feel a sense of belonging to an RCOG that makes the world better for all women.

My Pledge

I have faced many challenges and have steadfastly overcome them to be who I am today which made me resilient but also optimistic; I encourage you to follow my deportment and do the same. My mantra is a quote from the American author Orison Marsden ‘Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds’.

Our College is progressive and needs a cohesive team of officers to deliver results. I share our President-elect’s clear strategic vision. I would appreciate the opportunity to support and be part of his team and I would bring a sincere, genuine and optimistic passion to serve. I have a track record for successfully initiating and completing projects, both within the UK and internationally and I am eager to be part of a team of officers that genuinely listens to its membership.


CV – Hassan Shehata (PDF 740kb)


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