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Philip Toozs-Hobson FRCOG

Statement for Vice Presidential election 2019

Philip Toozs-Hobson thumbnailI have always been a strong supporter of the RCOG and have witnessed first-hand the great work done by current officers and their predecessors. As Director of Meetings I feel I have unique insights into the current thoughts of Fellows, Members, and trainees based on reviewing feedback from every college meeting over the last 3 years. I worked with the current vice presidents organising the World Congress so that I have awareness of many of the challenges they have faced during their tenure.

I trained in London but have been a consultant for 19 years in Birmingham, four as the Clinical Director.  I understand service provision from both sides. My own training transitioned into the Calman system at year 4 which gave me experience of both training systems, and as a result I remain a strong advocate for reestablishing the firm system and see that system’s pastoral care as a key component for addressing the current challenges to delivering training and care for both trainees and consultants.

I have held executive positions for the 2 UK continence organisations (UKCS and BSUG) as well as holding various roles internationally (ICS and IUGA). My current interests include reporting outcome measures, and the recent mesh debate has highlighted the need for healthcare providers to develop robust outcome measures and lead the IUGA special interest group on this.

My previous college roles include the Subspecialty Training Committee, and advisor on pelvic mesh to NICE, and on the HSC bill task force led by Ian Currie.

I see the next 3 years as pivotal for the RCOG and I feel I can offer unique perspectives on the role of the college and in particular the needs of the membership, in the UK as well as the wider membership after my role with organizing the world congress in London.

My objectives would be

  1. Help underpin the changes we have established in education and also the MTI programme.
  2. Continue to develop a culture with our specialty that encourages completion of specialist training and trainee retention
  3. Highlight the need to support consultants e.g. job planning failing the needs demanded through NHS/Healthcare developments (e.g. EPR and e increased patient expectation)
  4. Supporting the new workforce behaviours service (and its lead Ellen Knox).
  5. Establishing greater integration with specialist societies to develop proactive working

I see the new college as an opportunity to re-establish a physical and metaphorical centre for our specialty. I would like to see the college further connect with members and fellows recognizing the main role of the college to support the fellows and members, so that by looking after the carer’s we provide a better environment for them to look after the women in our care.

I would see the role of vice president ultimately to support the President and provide the environment to allow the staff of the college to excel in their roles.


CV – Philip Toozs-Hobson (PDF 482kb)


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