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Tim Draycott FRCOG

Statement for Vice Presidential election 2019

Tim Draycott thumbnailThe RCOG is our professional society. In our 90th year, as we relocate to new premises, there are opportunities to improve care for women by improving the working lives and wellbeing of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists across the UK. We should also develop and enhance relationships with our specialist societies; and work more effectively with our Global Members and Fellows. 

My vision for the RCOG embraces innovative new strategies to prepare us for the challenges of the next 90 years.

I am a clinical academic with strengths in quality improvement, innovation and collaborative working with national and international peers and colleagues.

Working Lives & Wellbeing

Working Obstetricians & Gynaecologists form the spine of the RCOG, and women’s care benefits from a robust, happy and motivated work force. We need to urgently address rota gaps, which undermine training, care provision and future recruitment. There are existing models of recruiting to turnover rather than individual posts that should be shared nationally.

We need strong educational leadership, with the RCOG providing lifelong training and support. Membership of the RCOG is costly, and it could be better value. Engagement with the RCOG should always be a positive experience; from undergraduate to exams, through the e-portfolio/curriculum, guidelines, meetings and courses, up to CPD and revalidation.

Furthermore, we need to improve UK engagement with more regional working and meetings.

Specialist societies

Care for women would benefit from a more integrated working relationship with specialist societies. The RCOG could work more collaboratively with the societies to produce and jointly badge guidelines, patient information and care pathways.

Global Health

Innovation and good care are not exclusive to the UK. Partnership working and exchanges could mutually benefit care and training in the UK and internationally. The RCOG should encourage sustainable and long-term global partnerships, as well as bi-directional clinical & academic exchange programmes.

Quality, Safety and research

The current policy landscape in the UK is overly complex, often with unhelpful duplication. The RCOG should work with policy makers to streamline current reporting systems and increase incentivisation of best care.

The RCOG could provide implementation tools, including simple tools to personalise care for women based on RCOG guidelines. We should accelerate adaptation and translation of our guidelines, and woman-centred information resources, into the main world languages.

Finally, the RCOG could facilitate research collaborations between UK and international researchers to publish experience of important clinical conditions to benefit care and provide a platform for future international research.

New strategies and the future

The RCOG relocation this year, provides an ideal opportunity to develop innovative strategies for the future. All new outputs from the RCOG could be more accessible if disseminated using podcasts, Apps and the RCOG YouTube channel.

The RCOG does many things well, but there are opportunities for more cohesive thinking, better engagement and more partnership working.

I believe I can contribute to the RCOG as Vice President to improve future strategy, engagement and advocacy for both our College and women.


CV – Tim Draycott (PDF 302kb)


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