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William Atiomo FRCOG

Statement for Vice Presidential election 2019

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In addition to fulfilling the key expectations of the role of RCOG VP as outlined in the role profile, my intentions are to facilitate initiatives to support the welfare of our trainees, members and fellows, as well as strengthen the global influence of the RCOG.  

The RCOG strategic plan outlines great initiatives to continue to make the case for a new way of thinking about women’s health and good progress has been made towards the RCOG being the ‘go to’ place for women’s health. Purchasing the freehold of a property on Union Street, was also an excellent significant step in securing the future sustainability of the College. We however have some key challenges which in my view include addressing the workforce issues and as outlined in the annual report a need for financial sustainability.

I believe initiatives to support the welfare of our trainees, members and fellows (e.g. peer mentoring schemes, introduction of a welfare/resilience strand into the curriculum etc.,) will help address current attrition rates, which at an average of 30%, is one of the highest of any specialty.  My formal senior leadership roles in pastoral care and education (clinical sub-dean, RCOG college tutor, consultant appraiser, educational, PhD and Masters Project supervisor to O&G trainees) and informal mentoring support for consultant colleagues and trainees also place me in a good position to deliver on my vision.

My national and international leadership activities and collaborations stand me in good stead to deliver on the role requirements for RCOG VP as well as my mission to strengthen the global influence of the RCOG. This is important as it will help financial sustainability as well as contribute to the RCOG’s core missions of education, standards and advocacy for women’s health. Some initial thoughts include global collaborations in telemedicine. With 54% of those on the O&G Specialist Register being international medical graduates, the RCOG is uniquely placed to capitalise on this network. The commercial experience I have gained having undertaken a research commercialisation fellowship, founded and directed a University Spin out company and in my current role as deputy director of a division with an annual turnover of over £180 million pounds will also be useful in this role.

I have always aspired to reflect my core leadership values of humility, authenticity and resolve for organisational success in all my leadership roles.  I am an international medical graduate who came to the UK 28 years ago and the RCOG has acted as a surrogate family during my time here. I have worked with excellent consultant mentors, colleagues and trainees in the NHS from all over the world.  We have all shared a common goal of providing excellent care to the women and families who we have looked after. We have shared meals in each other’s houses, attended local and international conferences together, revised for postgraduate exams and collaborated on research and advocacy projects to improve women’s health globally. I would therefore be honoured to serve as VP of the RCOG


CV – William Atiomo (PDF 774kb)


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