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Academic Board

Meeting dates (10:30 start)


  • Wednesday 7 February at 14.00
  • Friday 6 July at 10.30
  • Friday 26 October at 10.30


Reporting mechanism

The Academic Board reports to Council; minutes go to Clinical Quality Board for information.

The Research Committee reports to the Academic Board.


To promote and safeguard all aspects of academic obstetrics and gynaecology including research and research training, undergraduate and postgraduate training and the nature of academic jobs and training, particularly in relation to recruitment and retention.

To report to Council by submission to the Officers of the Minutes of each meeting of the Academic Board.

To maintain an overview of the RCOG's academic strategies, curricula, policies and procedures pertaining to the following:

  • Research
  • Undergraduate teaching and learning
  • Postgraduate academic training

To maintain an overview of the work of the Research Committee by receipt of:

  • The Minutes of all meetings of the Research Committee
  • Annual report on the work of the Research Committee in the preceding 12 months


Please send all communications to the committee secretary.


Valeria Ferrante
Telephone: +44 20 7772 6307 


  • Professor Andrew Horne FRCOG


  • Professor Dilly Anumba FRCOG – Postgraduate Training Lead and Deputy Chair
  • Professor Shakila Thangaratinam MRCOG – Higher Education Institute (HEI) Representative
  • Dr R S Kerr – Junior Academic Trainees’ Representative
  • Dr Bassel Al Wattar – Senior Academic Trainees' Representative
  • Dr Philippa Marsden FRCOG, Undergraduate Education Lead
  • Professor Donald Peebles FRCOG – President, Blair Bell Research Society
  • Professor Louise Kenny MRCOG, Research Committee Chair
  • Mr Nigel Simpson MRCOG – National Study Group (NSG) Lead
  • Dr Johanna Trinder FRCOG – Heads of School (HoS) Representative
  • Mr Edward Morris FRCOG – Vice President, Clinical Quality
  • Linda Burke – Executive Director, Education and Quality
  • Gemma Thurston – Business Manager, Education and Quality

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