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RCOG hosts first Academic Reproductive Health Research Forum

The RCOG hosted its first Academic Reproductive Health Forum in London on Friday 6 April 2018, to determine how it can better support junior and senior academics.

The event was attended by more than 70 UK clinical and non-clinical academics working in reproductive health research, with representation from industry and the Women’s Voices Involvement Panel. Also attending were RCOG staff from the Centre for Women’s Global Health, Lindsey Stewart Centre, National Guideline Alliance and the Clinical Quality team.

Its aim was to bring together key stakeholders in reproductive health research to discuss how the RCOG can better support research training, research infrastructure, clinical trials, discovery science research and global health research, also taking into consideration industry-funded research and public involvement in research.

The programme involved a series of short presentations on each of these themes, followed by group discussions led by an independent facilitator.

The event was a huge success and generated a number of potential areas where the RCOG could have most impact, including:

  • facilitating industry-funded projects and fellowships
  • supporting training in global health research;
  • developing and leading a UK Reproductive Health Research Network, and
  • possibly offering a new RCOG ‘scientific membership’ to non-clinical academics who contribute to reproductive health research.

The recommendations emerging from the event will be documented (with a number of others) in a report that will be discussed through the RCOG Academic and Clinical Quality Boards to decipher how, what and when the RCOG can realise from these ambitious recommendations.

A final report will be submitted to the RCOG Officers and Council for consideration in September 2018.

The Academic Board wishes to thank the team at the RCOG and the independent facilitator for their hard work in organising and supporting such a positive and productive meeting.


Professor Andrew Horne

Chair of the RCOG Academic Board


Professor Louise Kenny

Chair of the RCOG Research Committee