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Audit and Risk Committee

Audit and Risk meeting papers

Members of the Audit & Risk Committee can download meeting papers here (please note you will need to be signed into the website).

Meeting dates


  • Friday 5th February, 11am
  • Friday 14th May, 10am
  • Friday 16th July, 10am
  • Friday 5th November, 10am


Reporting mechanism

The Audit and Risk Committee reports to the Board of Trustees.


The Committee has the following objectives:

  • To provide the Board of Trustees with an independent assessment of the College’s external audit and statutory annual accounts, with the objective of providing assurance of the quality and reliability of the published statements; and
  • To review/oversee the establishment and maintenance of effective systems of governance, risk management, internal controls, and an appropriately robust financial and legal framework, across the whole of the College’s activities, that support the achievement of the organisation’s objectives and strategic goals.




  • Ms Kate Mathers: Representative from the Board of Trustees


  • Mr Noah Franklin: Representative from the Board of Trustees
  • Mr George Attilakos: Member Representative from Council

In attendance

  • Ms Kate Lancaster: Chief Executive
  • External Auditor: Sayer Vincent (a representative as required)

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