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DRCOG Sub-committee


Reporting mechanism

The DRCOG Sub-Committee reports to the Examination and Assessment Committee.


Setting multiple choice questions (MCQs), extended matching questions (EMQs) and single best answer questions (SBAs; best of five) for the DRCOG exam, which is held twice yearly.


  • Providing the Examination Department with a draft of the examination paper together with the answer keys at least six months prior to the DRCOG examination.
  • Reviewing the performance of MCQ, EMQ and SBA (best of five) questions, and the analysis of results.
  • Modifying questions where necessary.
  • Maintaining question banks for all questions and writing new questions.
  • Undertaking other matters relating to the DRCOG examination, as required by the Examination and Assessment Committee.
  • Providing the Examination and Assessment Committee with minutes of meetings.




Dr Aradhana Khaund MRCOG


  • Mr Parijat Bhattacharjee FRCOG
  • Dr Sanjay Balkrishna Rao MRCOG
  • Mr Jonathan Pepper FRCOG
  • Mr Ali Nakash MRCOG
  • Miss Sarah-Jane Lam MRCOG

Ex officio member

Dr W C Duncan FRCOG (Chair, Examination and Assessment Committee)


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