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Education Quality Assurance Committee (EQAC)

Information for EQAC members

Members of the Education Quality Assurance Committee can download relevant information here (please note you will need to be signed into the website).

Meeting dates


  • 27 February 2020
  • 25 June 2020
  • 22 October 2020


  • 25 February 2020
  • 24 September 2020



Reporting mechanism

The Education Quality Assurance Committee (EQAC) reports to Education Board.

Terms of reference

  • The Committee will develop an overall strategy for educational quality assurance (QA) for approval by the Education Board. The strategy will encompass all College educational activity and will adhere to the RCOG's Quality Assurance Framework (PDF 722kb).
  • The Committee will provide advice on quality assurance to all College committees and directorates concerned with education.
  • The Committee will oversee the two-stage process for education product approval and assess according to criteria that are patient-centred, educationally sound and that meet the defined educational needs of specified target audiences. The Services and Product Review and Innovation Group (SPRIG) will consider the resource implications and deliverability of proposed products. It is the joint findings of both EQAC and SPRIG which will determine the future of such proposals.
  • The Committee will champion the principles of the GMC’s Quality Improvement Framework and will ensure QA best practice in the College. The Committee will report on QA matters to the GMC, as required, by means of annual specialty reports, responses to concerns, and other GMC matters.
  • The Committee will ensure that the College has the appropriate evidence base and datasets to inform QA judgements in education.
  • The Committee will ensure that appropriate benchmarking of education standards and resources takes place, and that information is shared with the appropriate partners. The Committee will identify areas of good practice, concerns and trends for dissemination to those concerned with the delivery of education and training.
  • The Committee will develop and oversee systems for the regular systematic reviews of all College educational resources. The Committee will determine the structure and content of these reviews and surveys. This will be part of a continuous feedback mechanism from trainers, trainees, patients and others.
  • The Committee will advise the Education Board to ensure that the totality of the College’s educational and training resources are integrated and coherent.
  • The Committee will ensure that the College’s print and eLearning resources are complementary, and it will provide a forum for editorial dialogue between the Honorary Director of eLearning, the StratOG Editorial Board, the ePublishing directorate and Cambridge University Press.
  • The Committee will have the right to co-opt appropriate advisers for specific pieces of work.


Please send all correspondence to the Committee Secretary.


Sakinah Takeram
Tel: +44 20 7772 6319


  • Dr Paul Moran




Vice President Education

Professor Janice Rymer

Education Resources Adviser

Dr Suzanne Wallace

Editor of TOG

Kate Harding

Honorary Director of Conferences

Phil Toozs-Hobson

Clinical Member

Dr Anita Sanghi

Clinical Member

Dr Nandita Deo

Clinical Member

Dr Obinna Mba

Trainees’ Committee Representative

Roseanna Metcalfe

Faculty Development Lead

Dr Sambit Mukhopadhyay

Director of Meetings

Ms Lynn Whitley

Head of Meetings

Jess Letters

Senior Director of Education

Ms Kim Scrivener

Honorary Deputy Director of Conferences

Mr Andrew Sizer

Executive Director of Education & Quality

Ms Linda Burke

Examination and Assessment Committee Vice-Chair

Dr Susan Ward

Core Curriculum Committee Chair

Dr Alastair Campbell

Women’s Network Representative

Maria Viner

SEAC Representative

Kevin Thomas

Administrative support

EPQ Directorate


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