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Equality and Diversity Committee


Reporting mechanism

The Equality and Diversity Committee reports to the Board of Trustees.


The RCOG’s Equality and Diversity Committee was set up in 2014 to monitor the activities of the College and its committees to ensure that they are compliant with the Equality Act 2010, and since 2016, with Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED). Its main aims are :

  • To increase the membership of people with protected characteristics, specified by the Equality Act 2010, on key committees.
  • To support the development of a range of activities such as buddying and mentoring schemes which encourage women and under-represented groups of male clinicians to apply for positions at the RCOG, including senior roles such as President.
  • To monitor the messages and images the College projects on our website and in other areas to ensure that they are inclusive.
  • To monitor the implementation of PSED and ensure that the RCOG’s  programmes and activities are accessible to all.

As part of the new work plan the Committee will be recruiting Equality & Diversity Champions for all College committees to help them consider equality and diversity matters when setting up new programmes or revising existing ones. In addition tailored training packages for committee Chairs and members, which include practical examples of things that might affect their work, are being developed for roll out in 2017/18.

Membership of the Committee includes both lay people and clinicians and meetings are held via video conference.

Frequency of meetings

Four times a year




Independent Lay Representative


  • Director of Membership
  • Fellows representatives x 3
  • Trainees representative x1
  • Members Representative x 1
  • Lay representative