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Ethics Committee

Meeting dates (13.00 start)


  • 15 February
  • 25 October


Reporting mechanism

The Ethics Committee reports to Council.


  • The primary purpose of the Ethics Committee will be to advise the College leadership on topics that require expert ethical consideration by constructing or commissioning high quality advice on matters referred to it. The Committee will primarily act in response to requests from the President, Council or Board Chairs. 
  • The Committee will be asked to respond to issues that need a rapid expert opinion, e.g. those in the public domain that demand swift RCOG comment; but may also give opinion on aspects of the RCOG strategic objectives.
  • The Ethics Committee will also ‘horizon-scan’ for emerging ethical issues relevant to the College’s mission and objectives.
  • The Chair will ensure that high-quality expert opinion is commissioned, from short single-issue advice, to complex papers requiring appropriate academic and clinical evidence.




  • Dr Vivienne Nathanson


  • Professor Mary Ann Lumsden FRCOG, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development
  • Mr Robin Gill
  • Dr Sophia Webster MRCOG
  • Professor Erica Haimes
  • Dr Berrin Tezcan MRCOG
  • Ms Nicola Forbes (Women’s Network Representative)
  • Chief Executive, RCOG
  • Director of Media and PR, RCOG




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