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Global Health Board

Meeting dates (10:30 start)





Reporting mechanism

The Global Health Board reports to Council.

The following committees report to the Global Health Board:



To promote and sanction the strategic plans of the RCOG’s global health agenda including providing over-sight of the activities of the Centre for Women’s Global Health ensuring that they align with the RCOG’s strategic aims and objectives and policy priorities and with the United Nations Sustainable Development (SDG) Goals 3 & 5.

The Global Health Board will maintain the overview of the strategy and work of the RCOG’s global health agenda including the Centre for Women’s Global Health through the following terms of reference:

  • Support all areas of the RCOG to adopt a global approach to their work aligning to the RCOG’s strategic aims
  • Take responsibility for promoting RCOG key messages on improving women’s access to good quality healthcare globally within a human rights framework
  • Working with colleagues across the RCOG, ensure a joined up approach to the development of strong relationships with our key partners and stakeholders (e.g. WHO, UN) that will help to deliver the RCOG’s strategic plan.
  • In conjunction with the External Affairs Board, develop the College’s strategy for advocacy utilising existing UN days and developing campaigns with partners where appropriate.
  • Ensure that all work of the RCOG globally relates and promotes the SDGs 3 & 5
  • Support the development of clinical standards globally
  • In conjunction with the Education Board, oversee the work of the Trainee’s Global Health Group.
  • Co-ordinate and draw upon the local expertise and experience of the global network of Fellows and Members to encourage them to lead on improving women’s access to good quality healthcare in their own countries to help the RCOG meet a commitment to SDG 3 & 5
  • Guide and oversee the overall strategic direction of the Centre for Women’s Global Health ensuring it aligns with the RCOG strategic aims and objectives
  • Support and promote the Centre for Women’s Global Health. Taking the lead, alongside the UK Membership Board, to work in partnership, through dialogue, and by collaboration with RCOG International Representative Committees, Liaison Groups, Fellows/Members/Trainees, O&G Societies, funders and international agencies worldwide
  • Monitor perceptions of the RCOG globally among key stakeholders including F/M/Ts bringing them to the attention of the RCOG and agreeing actions to address any queries
  • Building on experience, support the External Affairs Board with the development and implementation of a new comprehensive communication strategy for global health.
  • Supported by the Education Board, oversee the management of the MTI scheme, reviewing and making recommendations for improvement where necessary.



Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary.


Tel: +44 20 7772 6311


  • Vice President, Global Health


  • Chair, Trainees’ Global Health Committee
  • Chair, Global MTI and Volunteering Committee
  • Chair, Global Health CSG
  • International Council Representative for Australia, America and Pacific Rim
  • International Council Representative for Europe and Central Asia
  • International Council Representative for Middle East and N Africa
  • International Council Representative for South Asia
  • International Council Representative for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Vice President for UK & Global Membership
  • Executive Director of Education, Quality & Projects, RCOG
  • Head of Centre for Global Women's Health, RCOG
  • Executive Director of External Affairs, RCOG
  • Membership Engagement Coordinator, RCOG
  • RCOG Honorary Officers (ex officio)

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