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Global Health Board

Meeting dates (13:30 start)


  • 10 March 
  • 30 June
  • 29 September
  • 1 December


  • 9 February
  • 18 May
  • 14 September
  • 23 November


Reporting mechanism

The Global Health Board reports to Council.

The following committees report to the Global Health Board:


  • To coordinate and promote an RCOG strategy on the improvement of reproductive health care worldwide to reduce maternal mortality.
  • To establish and monitor progress of the RCOG International Foundation.
  • To consider income generation initiatives to ensure there are sufficient funds available to sustain the agenda of work.
  • To work in partnership with other UK and international agencies to strengthen links and to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach and to encourage dialogue.
  • To coordinate the development of educational tools for under-resourced countries, e.g. special skills modules, distance learning programmes, international diplomas and web streaming.
  • To coordinate the development of clinical standards for under-resourced countries.
  • To develop a framework for improvements in reproductive health in developing countries.
  • To lobby governments including Commonwealth health ministers to influence and educate on the problems and solutions to maternal mortality.
  • To assist in the exchange of skilled personnel and training programmes.
  • To collaborate with RCOG International Representative Committees and to encourage dialogue at a national level in all relevant countries.


Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary.


Sophie Cooper
Tel: +44 20 7772 6311


  • Mr Hani Fawzi FRCOG – Vice President, Global Health


  • Louise Silverton - Royal College of Midwives representative
  • Dr Paula Baraitser - Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health representative
  • Mary McCauley MRCOG - Trainees’ representative
  • Dr Suzy Elneil FRCOG - Chair, Global Project Management Committee
  • Miss Felicity Ashworth FRCOG - Chair, Global Placement Committee
  • Tim Draycott FRCOG - International Council Representative for Australia, America and Pacific Rim
  • Fionnuala McAuliffe FRCOG - International Council Representative for Europe and Central Asia
  • Hassan Shehata FRCOG - International Council Representative for Middle East and N Africa
  • Ranee Thakar FRCOG - International Council Representative for South Asia
  • Rhona Hughes FRCOG - International Council Representative for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Alison Wright FRCOG - Vice President for UK & Global Membership
  • Linda Burke - Executive Director, Education & Quality
  • Ann Tate - Director of Global Development, RCOG
  • Binta Patel - Global Health Manager, RCOG
  • Gemma Hayes - Head of Operations, Leading Safe Choices
  • RCOG Honorary Officers (ex officio)

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