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Remit and membership of Membership Board

Updated: 18 January 2021

Key relationships

Meeting arrangements

Reporting to Council.

The Board will meet at least 3 times a year.


These Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually, approved by Council.

Overall Purpose

To support and develop the professional needs and experience of the membership at all stages of their careers and membership experience in contribution to the College Strategy, specifically:

Strategic Objective 1

We will develop our membership offering to best meet the needs of members globally and the women they serve and expand our reach across the international O&G community

Strategic Objective 2

We will leverage our brand and world-renowned reputation to develop partnerships and influence UK and international policy to improve women’s health globally

In achieving this purpose, the Membership Board can take such steps as it sees fit to fulfil its responsibilities regarding relevant business planning, review of existing and oversight of new projects, performance, strategic risk and issue management, member benefits and the reporting of its work to other relevant College groups and Council.

It is responsible for ensuring effective and appropriate consultation across the membership community and wider stakeholders and will be held to account for this.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Support and develop the professional needs and experience of the membership at all stages of their careers and membership experience
  2. Support the communication of the College’s work and resources available to support the profession and make this more visible to the membership outside of the UK
  3. Support and contribute to the annual workforce census, regular membership surveys, focus groups and specific membership research
  4. Provide a forum for the debate of all issues relating to the O&G workforce and organisational development issues making recommendations for future RCOG work
  5. Oversee development and implementation of the RCOG Membership Plan and contribute to Workforce Plans developed by the RCOG/HEE Workforce Working Group
  6. Support the delivery and development of high quality, global Research and Information Services, specifically the Heritage and Library Collections
  7. Provide and/or signpost career guidance to F&M through liaison with SAS, LED and RCA Leads
  8. Oversee the annual Membership work plan and report to Council on progress against this and its KPIs.

Membership and tenure

Tenure and appointments

The term of each member appointment will be specified at the time of appointment but if not specified shall be 3 years; renewable for one further term only of three years.

The Membership Board is flexible and adopts an agile approach to its work, inviting expert advice and co-opting members to the group for specific areas of work, and establishing (and closing-down) any relevant sub-groups such as short life working groups, task and finish groups and advisory networks, as and when they need them. Virtual meetings are expected to be the default and papers will be assumed read, to encourage more dialogue and discussion.

There is a requirement for all College groups to be inclusive in their approach when seeking broader views across the College and its membership. The Membership Board must reflect a diverse membership to ensure appropriate representation as outlined in the RCOG Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan.

External representatives may be included, where appropriate. These attendees may be co-opted members or may be invited to attend for specific meetings or agenda items as and when appropriate. Relevant staff may also be invited to present specific, relevant items of work in contributing to the overall purpose of the Membership Board. There is a standing open invitation to all College Officers and members of the Executive team.


  • Vice President, Membership (Chair)
  • Senior Vice President, Global Health
  • Vice President for Workforce & Professionalism
  • Fellow Representative on Council
  • Member Representative on Council
  • Regional Liaison Leads from Devolved Nations Committees
  • Clinical Director
  • National SAS/LED Lead
  • Retired Member and Fellows Society Chair
  • Trainee Committee Representative
  • BUSOG Representative
  • Co-opted members for specific work streams


  • Executive Director of Membership and Global
  • Executive Director of External Affairs, Journals and E-Publishing
  • Director of Policy and Public Affairs
  • Director, Clinical Quality
  • Director, Membership
  • Head of Membership
  • Workforce Officer