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NGA Consortium Board

Meeting dates (10.00am)

The Consortium Board will meet quarterly at the RCOG. Dates will be issued at least 3 months in advance.


  • meeting date tbc


The purpose of the Consortium Board is to ensure that there is a collaborative approach to the projects undertaken that reflects the multi-dimensional nature of the delivery of NHS care and that products are developed in a fair and inclusive manner and in accordance with the NICE methodological principles.

The NGA Consortium Board represents the interest of all Consortium members and provides leadership on the activities covered in the NICE/RCOG Collaboration Agreement.

The Consortium Board meets quarterly to consider progress of the current commissions, review the future work of the Consortium and generally to lead and control the relevant activities of the Consortium members.



  • To establish appropriate governance arrangements and a defined agreed quorum for decision-making.
  • To appoint and remove Consortium members. If at least two thirds are in favour, having consulted NICE, the Consortium Board may remove a member and/or appoint a new member. However, the RCOG Responsible Officer and Vice President (Clinical Quality) shall at all times be a member of the Consortium Board.
  • To endorse commissions from NICE.
  • To monitor projects in the Memorandum set out in the NICE/RCOG Agreement.
  • To provide oversight to the management of risks and issues affecting the NGAs ability to meet its obligations, ensuring appropriate mitigation activities are in place.
  • To support the identification and mobilisation of opportunities for NGA development and enhancement.
  • To endorse publications on behalf of the Consortium.
  • To endorse the quarterly and annual accounts and reports.
  • To represent the Consortium in dispute resolution with NICE.
  • To advise or assist the RCOG with appointment panels for NGA senior staff.
  • To act in a manner that demonstrates effective collaboration and multi-disciplinary working.


Consortium Board members act as a link between the NGA and the organisation they represent. They normally serve for a three year term of office (maximum six years). They are appointed by their organisation and their appointment is ratified by the Consortium Board. A NICE Executive Director attends each meeting. Consortium Board members are responsible for:

  • Attending and contributing to Consortium Board meetings.
  • Nominating a deputy if they are unable to attend.
  • Commenting on key issues outside of the quarterly meetings if the timescale does not match the meeting schedule.
  • Facilitating implementation of the guidelines by promoting the guidelines and the NGA in their organisation, profession and constituency.

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